Monday March 4 2013  
1. 2013-03-04
Thanks for the input, that's what I'll do.
2. 2013-03-04
I have followed Mikes Gym workouts since late summer. I am coming off a month workout break (not from injury - just got burned out from working out) and I'm wondering where I should get back into the 5 month strength cycle started in December. Re-establish new 1 RM and continue with current posted strength workouts or start the 5 month strength cycle from the beginning? Or possibly something else entirely?
Coach Burgener
3. 2013-03-04
I'd recommend establishing a new 1 RM for the lifts and starting the 5 month strength cycle from the beginning. We have a little more than a month left for this cycle, so if you were to jump in where we are at, the percentages might be unreasonable.
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