Tuesday May 1 2007  
1. 2012-03-12
Bob,Thanks for all of your hard work on these picture and traveling to these places.The Salem L.Cemetery near Princton is also known as the Lost Grove Cemetery. I have been there several times over the past 30+ years & only took pictures of some of my kin. Of course at that time only had a film camera.Appears many of the stones have just been piled together as over the years they break or are destoryed. I have been look for a Daniel Price buried in that cemetery but never found the marker. Do yo
2. 2012-03-16
Paki, aunque con retraso, te comunico que todos los que lo solicist teis a trav s de los coemntarios est is admitidos/as

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3. 2012-03-31
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4. 2012-04-06
Hola que bellas fotos , fueron sacadas por varios footgrafos ubicados estrategicamente? realmente muy especiales, que mas ? me encantaron son las fotos que me gustan.. sin preparacion, pero no por eso sin calidad. gracias por compartirlas

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5. 2012-04-08
Good Lawdy! Someone is actually proud of that name!Hi, spotted you on SITS, clicked your link and was happy to have found a new, great blog. After reading your "About Me" I can see we have a few things in common. Mainly, attitude. But, in my life I have one husband, 3 teenaged daughters and 3 girl dogs. My life is all about the bitches, literally. And I might, (as she whispers) be in my 40's, but we'll just leave that little fact out of there. Love your blog! I'll be back.
6. 2012-04-25
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7. 2012-04-27
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8. 2012-07-04
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