10 Fitness Tips For Good Health

Maintaining good health is a challenging task as we meet many factors in our daily lives that badly impact our good health, such as junk food. Sometimes people feel exhausted and frustrated from exercise needed to remain fit.


People have different reasons to remain fit and active. Some people have a dream to look younger and slim, some people want it to get rid of diseases, and some people want good health to show them on social media platforms.


Sometimes people start exercises but give up because they are frustrated and do not want themselves to be locked in an eating and dieting schedule. People love to be independent, but a healthy and fit life needs attention and feels quite daunting.


People give up on exercise because they do not want any dieting plan and are busy. They do not have any time to work out because they are so engaged in their daily lives. If you are a busy person, you also wish that there should be more than 24 hours in a day so you can do everything without taking the stress of less time.


Nowadays, researchers and experts have done many studies and give us a manageable schedule that makes it much easier to get fit than an exhausting routine. Many people have tried their tips and noticed very encouraging results.


The following article will explain the tips recommended by experts to remain fit and make our lives easy. Readout these fitness tips to enjoy a healthy lifestyle without feeling frustrated and hampered from daily life tasks.


1. Breakfast


A meal full of nutrients is one of the essential components needed for physical activities and maintaining a healthy weight. Everyone’s day starts with breakfast, and it is the most important meal of the day.


However, most people skip breakfast because they have to reach the office on time and do not have enough time to sit and eat breakfast. Due to the rush, they miss the most important meal of the day. Experts say it is hard to start a good day without breakfast, and it should be a chore.


There are many benefits of breakfast, including improving heart health, reducing the risk of diseases, improving blood pressure, increasing body energy levels, enhancing the body’s natural healing process, lower high cholesterol, and enhancing fitness.


You may be thinking of the following questions. How can breakfast provide you various benefits? How is it so important? And how is it essential for good health? The next section will answer all your questions.




When you wake up from overnight sleep, you may not have eaten anything for up to 8 hours. Your body needs some food through which it can make ATP and provide you with energy to do your daily life tasks. Breakfast restores your body energy via fulfilling nutrients.


The body’s vital energy source is glucose—the body stores energy by breaking glucose into glycogen. When we sleep for long hours, such as overnight sleep, glycogen breaks down into glucose and normalizes the body’s blood sugar level, essential for the brain.


Breakfast helps the body to start the normal mechanism. Intake of breakfast enriched with calcium, iron, fiber, vitamin B, and other vital nutrients allow the body to remain active, and you do not feel laziness. Experts also say that people who eat breakfast have fewer chances of nutrients deficiency than those who do not.


Breakfast also helps to keep our brain active and make us sharp. Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast can focus more on their work, but those who do not eat have to struggle to focus on things. Breakfast not only impacts our physical health but also improves mental performance and boosts our memory powers.


Flaws of skipping breakfast


Studies have shown the benefits of eating breakfast and tells about the drawbacks of skipping breakfast. Heart diseases may attack people who have a habit of skipping breakfast.


Studies have shown that skipping breakfast causes weight gain, osteoporosis, mood swings, low memory, stress, and menstrual irregularity. People who keep skipping breakfast could develop higher LDL cholesterol levels and are less sensitive to insulin.


Some people have a myth that skipping breakfast will be beneficial for them to lose weight. The most common reasons to skip breakfast are time shortage, bored with the same breakfast, not feeling hungry in the morning, and avoiding spending money.


What to eat at breakfast?


Research and surveys have shown that most people do not skip breakfast. School children do not like to go to school without breakfast because they feel low compared to other fellows.


Experts recommend a healthy breakfast that is easy to prepare. You can eat oatmeal made from rolled oats and can add some fruits for flavor. Eat cereal with yogurt and milk as they are healthy and easy to make. You can also eat toasts with boiled or fried eggs as they are rich with nutrients.


2.Wise Exercise


You may get confused by the word “wise exercise,” but most people indeed think they are doing the right exercise, but the reality lies behind the curtain. You may also hear claims about exercises from many people who left their workout because they think there is no advantage of exercising over health.


Most of us believe that jogging is the only exercise important for better health. Yes, jogging is indeed essential, but it is not the least. Many other activities are there, which can positively affect your health quickly compared to jogging. The following are some of the most effective exercises for good health, which you can do within your jogging routine.


Interval training


Interval training is known as the best cardiovascular workout without regarding your profession or level of workout. Richard Cotton, the spokesman for the American Council on Exercise, says that “Varying your pace throughout the exercise session boosts your aerobic system to adapt, the more power the aerobic system has, the more capacity you have to burn calories.”


You can divide your workout time and then make intervals to push your workout intensity to a high-level for one to two minutes and then back to the routine. It will quickly improve your health, and if you are an asthma patient, this will change your whole way of life.




Squats will improve the flexibility of your body and strengthen your core and lower body. It helps you to burn calories and lose weight for a healthy lifestyle. Squats involve high muscles exercise and increase the mobility of joints.


You can do squats by standing straight with wider legs and arms at your sides. Then straight up your core, keep the chest and chin up, push hips back and bend your knees as you sit on the sofa or chair. Keep moving up and down for at least 3 to 5 minutes.




Lunges are the best part of your workout, which helps you to improve body balance. Lunges involve muscles of the legs and promote their functional movement and strengthen your legs. It also provides flexibility and mobility to your joints.


Lunges are the advanced shape of squats. The workout starts from standing with legs apart and arms down at sides. Take your right leg a step forward and bend your knee until it is parallel to the ground with a straight back. Then come back to the beginning position and repeat the procedure. Keep doing it at least for 5 minutes.




Push-ups are the most beneficial exercise for the chest, biceps, triceps, and core trunk muscles. They can be done at any level of fitness and help to give the body a classy posture. It is mostly performed to increase stamina and muscle strength.


Start workout in a plank position with a tight chest, no neck movement, and pull shoulders down and back. Bend your elbows, take down your core muscles near the ground, then straight the shoulders. Repeat the procedure and make at least ten push-ups. Please increase the number of push-ups as you perform it correctly. You will feel the strength of your arms after you can do 30 push-ups easily.


3.Be Consistent


Sometimes you feel filled or exhausted from the regular exercise to remain active and healthy. Sometimes you are too motivated to go to the gym and do your workout happily. The mood swings carry on with the time, or sometimes it is affected by problems in your life. For example, you were happy in the morning, but in the evening, you are feeling frustrated because some issues happened in the office that affected your mind.


It happens in everyone’s life, but losing motivation for some time does not mean you cannot remain fit. Exercise is part of your healthy and happy life and maintains both your physical and mental health. However, life will always have difficulties. It is up to us to recognize all the things to get through challenges and make ourselves be as consistent as possible regardless of challenges. The following are some tips that will help you to remain consistent in doing the workout.


Find motivation


There are always some factors that keep us demotivating, but some positive aspects are also there to motivate us. We have to find things that encourage us and polish them to come over the factors of demotivation.


The positive factors may be your objectives or desired goals of doing a workout, such as weight loss, prevention from diseases, and a handsome look. If you are also feeling low while doing a workout, find your motivational factors, and see improvement.


Start from easy


At the start of exercise, people are so excited and motivated, but they leave their workout schedule over time. The most common reason for this is because they choose heavy and hard exercise at the start due to their excitement, but when they get to know it is hard, they leave.


So, it is beneficial to start from easy but effective exercise. Make your goal and reach steadily to that point where you find yourself easy to do challenging exercises.


Measure outcome


Outcomes are the greatest motivation for every person performing exercise in a schedule. When the person notices a change in himself, he thinks he is moving towards his desired destination. It motivates him, and he does workout passionately.


So, keep measuring your progress and never let your morale down. You can make a schedule for it, such as measuring the progress of running through the level of stamina after a month or two months.


4.Relieve stress


Stress is a part of life as we face many challenges that are not expected at that point in life. It is very harmful to human health and leads to many physical and mental diseases. In this condition, a person feels overworked and mentally obsessed.


It can cause many fatal diseases, including high blood pressure, chest pain, headache, diabetes, arthritis, skin conditions, asthma, and insomnia. Stress can also bring new diseases and can ruin a healthy person’s life.


The reason for stress in someone’s life varies from individual to individual. It may be due to the death of loved ones, looks of job, emotional problems, divorce, chronic injuries, and financial problems.


People react differently when they are facing stress and anxiety. Some start using alcohol, tobacco, or drugs to get relief from stress problems. But all these become the cause to increase their difficulties.


According to a study, 43 percent of all adults face health issues due to stress, and 75 percent to 90 percent of the patients visit doctors for stress ailments. The following are some of the tips recommended by experts for the patients suffering from stress and anxiety to keep them healthy.


  • Accept the reality and the events that are not in your control, such as the death of loved ones.
  • Increase the self-confidence level in your attitude. Learn self-esteem from martial arts training.
  • Control yourself. Do not let your feelings rule you. Make decisions without the involvement of emotions.
  • Control your anger. Be assertive and make the right opinions so that you do not have to regret them in the future.
  • Try yoga, meditation, and some other stress management techniques to get relief from stress.
  • Do not miss your workout schedule because it will enhance and strengthen your mind to fight against stress.
  • Spend a good time with your friends and family. Try to join all the enjoyable events.
  • Take care of your diet. Ensure that your diet contains all the necessary nutrients and minerals.
  • Do not overthink when you are free. Try to spend your free time on your hobbies.
  • Get enough proper and healthy sleep. Make your sleep and wake up routine.
  • Do not use any drugs and try to avoid alcohol and smoking.

5.Make like-minded friends


We all spend a huge part of our lives with friends. Friends efficiently affect our lives. There is a famous quote, “a man is known by his company.” If you have a company of wise friends, you will adapt their habits and succeed in life, but if you have a bad company of friends who use drugs or any other negative factors, you will be affected even if you do not take drugs.


Having friends with the same thinking will encourage you in your ideas. If you have friends who left the workout, there are more than 99% chances that they will discourage you by telling their stories. They will try to persuade you that there is no relationship between diet and health and encourage you to leave your schedule and live ordinary lives.


On the other hand, if you have a company of friends with good health and discipline schedules, they will encourage you to join them. You will also be attracted by their habits and the urge to live like they are living healthily.


So, always be wise about choosing friends because good friends are suitable for a healthy life. You will feel happy among good friends and forget about your worries; hence your health will be improved due to low stress.


Good friends will be your assistants and help you to get rid of any problem of life when you get stuck. You will celebrate their happiness and make good memories for life. They will support you in your career and will stop you from making mistakes. It will allow your mental health to remain fit and active.


Loneliness brings depression in life, and friends will not allow you to feel alone. No matter what your age, you will react like teenagers when enjoying them. It will increase your happiness, and your body will feel energetic.


Friends also have a significant role in making confidence. If you have friends with the same thinking, they will not let you feel down. They will cheer you whenever you feel exhausted. But on the other side, if you have friends who are not serious about their life will never encourage you to become something in life. Also, they will troll your ideas among other friends and lower your confidence. So, choose your friends wisely.


6. Proper Sleep


Sleep plays a vital role in maintaining health and is an essential factor for optimal and well-being health. It is also a basic need for a workout, or your fitness will fail if you skip a proper sleep schedule.


Sleeping refreshes our mind and helps us to focus on our work. Research and studies have shown that sleep is associated with brain functions and increase our concentration and productivity level. Another study of 2015 has shown that sleep patterns directly affect the behavior and performance of children.


If you are an athletic person, you will know the importance of sleep. According to a study, sleep is equally essential for athletes as consuming enough calories and nutrients. According to the National Sleep Foundation, average adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep, but 10 hours of sleep will be beneficial to athletes.


Studies also show that sleeping helps the body to heal. It provides energy to do work with better coordination and performance intensity. It refreshes the mind’s functionality and fastens the speed of work.


“High blood pressure causes heart diseases. Proper sleeping provides rest to the body and regulates blood pressure”, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. So, sleeping is beneficial for heart health.


People who cannot have proper sleep are mostly grumpy. They have issues with emotions and expressions of people and do not like to join social parties. Journal of Sleep Research conducted a study and concluded that people with less sleep have less emotional empathy.


Several studies have shown that when people do not get adequate sleep, they face depression and anxiety issues. A study by JAMA Psychiatry examined the reason for suicide and concluded that lack of sleep is a significant suicide factor. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry also conducted a study on sleep and concluded that insomnia leads to depression and anxiety.


7. Post-Exercise Nutrition


When you are working out, your body is consuming calories, and muscles use stored glycogen for energy. Most of the people think that they should not eat after doing exercises because if they eat, this will affect negatively, and the purpose of exercise can fail. It seems like a thoughtful idea, but it is not.


After exercising, the body needs to recover, restore glycogen, and repair consumed muscle protein. In this condition, eating healthy food, rich with nutrients, can help the body rebuild faster. Trainers recommend carbs and proteins after a workout. It will be beneficial and enhance muscle protein growth, enhance recovery, restore glycogen, and decrease the breakdown of muscle protein.


The body needs to be rebuilt after exercise, and a combination of carbs and protein is recommended. Some experts also recommend timing duration for post-exercise nutrition. It does not need to be exact, but they recommend eating within 45 minutes after workout. We should not delay it because the delay can cause a lower rate of glycogen synthesis.


Choosing easily digested food for post nutrition exercise will be better because it fastens nutrition absorption. You can eat carbs such as sweet potatoes, Quinoa, Rice, Rice cakes, Pasta, Leafy green vegetables, and fruits like berries, banana, and pineapple. You can eat eggs, cottage cheese, salmon, protein powder, and Greek yogurt for protein. You can also add some fats such as Avocado, but butter, and dried fruits.


Eating a proper amount of carbs and protein after a workout will enhance muscle protein synthesis, improve recovery mechanisms, and intensify your next training performance. If you find difficulty eating within 45 minutes, please do not delay much longer than 2 hours.


8. Drink Water


The human body is composed of 60 percent water. It performs many functions, including the creation of saliva, absorption, digestion, circulation, transporting the nutrients and minerals, and maintaining body temperature via making sweat.


Water, with its high functionality, plays a vital role in maintaining good health. It helps maintain the balance of fluids in the body and excrete any harmful nutrients or elements through urine. When your body needs water, the brain triggers the body’s thirst mechanism, and we feel thirsty. We should take action on these signs to fulfill the requirements of the body.


Water controls calories in our body, and that’s the reason why weight loss candidates drink plenty of water in a day. Penn State, a researcher, and author of The Volumetrics Weight-Control Plan, states that “if you choose water or a noncaloric beverage over a caloric beverage and eat a diet rich with water, this method will be healthier for you and help you to trim caloric intake.”


Foods enriched with water include vegetables, oatmeal, beans, broth-based soups, and fruits. They have high volume and need more chewing, but it is easy to be digested and slowly absorbed by the body.


Water provides energy to the muscle cells, and water deficiency in muscles can lead to muscle fatigue. It is because when muscle cells do not contain enough water, they show poor performance that leads to weakness. In order to live a healthy and fit life, it is important to establish a daily water routine.


Water helps our skin to glow and skin acts as a protective barrier with excess fluid. If your body has not an adequate amount of water, your skin will look dry and wrinkled. In the summer season, the transpiration process increased, so you can use a moisturizer to prevent water in your body.


9. Stop drinking and smoking


If you have bad habits of drinking alcohol or smoking, you must have to leave them for the sake of your health and your loved ones. Smoking is a slow death and causes more than 480,000 deaths each year in the U.S.


Smoking will weaken your immune system, and it leads to many diseases. People with weak immune systems have higher chances of getting diseases. Smokers are more likely to get heart diseases and lung cancer than non-smokers.


Change your friend’s company if they smoke. Even if you do not smoke and sit with smokers, you will also be affected by its effects. You can lose your good health and fitness level because you inhale the smoke, and it is dangerous for your health.


Smoking not only causes lung cancer, but it can be the reason for cancer anywhere in your body, including the bladder, cervix, esophagus, larynx, kidney, ureter, colon, rectum, stomach, oropharynx, trachea, and pancreas.


Smoking also affects a man’s sperm and increases the risk of congenital disabilities by reducing fertility. If a woman smokes, there are chances that she will face pregnancy difficulties. It will also affect the health of the baby, and smoking can lead to preterm delivery. It can be hazardous by being the reason for the death of the baby before birth.


Non-smokers have stronger bones than smokers because smoking directly affects bones. Women smokers with a past pregnancy are at more significant risks for broken bones. Not only bones, teeth loss is common in smokers. It also affects the visualizing power of your eye and can lead to AMD.


So, if you want to enjoy a healthy and fit life, you have to say goodbye to all the bad habits which can affect your health. To enjoy your workout, it is necessary to stop smoking and drinking.


10. Regular assessment of health


The world is vastly moving towards change, and this change brings ease and comfort for us. The same happens with the human bodies; as long we move forward to the steps of life, our body needs changes. Like at a young age, we do not have to take care of our meals, but we have to move with a proper diet plan to protect ourselves from any disease at an adult age.


While assessing your health, you should consider five factors; weight, height, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. You can evaluate your weight and height with the BMI index. The BMI index tool will help you to know about your fitness level and show you a way where you have to walk such as if you are overweight according to the BMI index, you should work on weight loss, and if you are underweight, you have to work on gaining weight. And once you get the desired weight, you have to exercise to maintain it.


You can check your blood pressure with checking machines at home, and it should be 120/80. Cholesterol is a risk for your heart, so you have to check regularly, and if the test result shows excess cholesterol in your body, you should visit a doctor to get a prescription. To prevent yourself from having diabetes, regular checking on blood sugar levels is recommended by experts. Because if there is any symptom, you can stop it from progressing and maintain good health.

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