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Push Press Tips & Technique

“You don’t have much when it comes to shoulders, do you?” My girl friend made this statement one evening when we were at dinner some two years ago. “Shoulders? I never really thought about it, dear” I replied. She put down her glass of wine and said, “Just look around you. Look at the other […]

Jerk Technique

The Push Jerk, Power Jerk & Split Jerk Jerk Technique And Power Lifting Your jerk technique is a key component to the overall performance and success throughout your lifting career. Each jerk technique has been carefully developed to allow lifters to show off their strength, and dedication while training. These movements also help lifters to […]

Wilmington Delaware Personal Trainers

If you are looking for a personal trainer in Wilmington Delaware you are in the right place! We will help you find only the best personal trainers in Wilmington, DE.   Why Hire a Personal Trainer?   They Help You Set Realistic Goals and Motivate You A personal trainer provides many benefits, including they help […]

Olympic Weightlifting Program Basics

Since the popularization of Cross Fit Workouts, Olympic Weightlifting has become a thing among athletes and trainers. If you are looking to increase your athleticism and become stronger, Olympic Weightlifting might be just what you need. What’s more, special Olympic Weightlifting programs are ideal for beginners. In Olympic Weightlifting, a lifter attempts to snatch and […]

Hang Clean Tips & Technique

Achieving the best Hang Clean Every workout routine can be challenging, particularly if you are just getting started. This similarly applies to strength training programs, like the hang clean. I particularly struggled with getting the correct hang clean in my first few weeks. If you do not have a good strength coach to take you […]

Best Muscle Building Exercises

Seven Super Exercises to Build Muscle We exercise and train for various reasons. Some aspire to lose weight, while others look to improving their cardiovascular health. However, the vast majority of those of us who workout, vigorously strive to build muscle.   We may want muscles to improve our appearance or to make our daily […]

Best Breathing Techniques

How to Use Tips and Exercises for Better Breathing Have you ever heard the phrase “let me catch my breath” or that someone “breathes life” into something? These phrases resonate with us because as humans, we recognize the importance of breathing. Our entire body depends on oxygen to survive. When you breathe properly, you improve […]

Best Medicine Balls

Whether you’re looking to improve your coordination or strengthen your abs, a medicine ball is a workout tool you’ll want to have around. Originally used just by physiotherapists helping people recover from an injury, medicine balls are now commonly found in gyms and home gyms. These versatile tools come in different weights and can be […]

Best Kettlebells

What workout tool can help you strengthen your core, work on your form, and strengthen your grip? If you guessed the kettlebell, you’re correct. Kettlebells can be an extremely valuable workout companion that will deliver a variety of benefits.   In the article below, we’ve reviewed five of the best kettlebells to help you choose […]

Best Crossfit Jump Ropes

Jumping rope helps you improve your coordination, burn calories, keep your heart healthy, and build strong bones. In fact, jumping rope for just 10 minutes can give you the same benefits as running an eight-minute mile. Because of this extensive list of benefits, many CrossFit exercises require a jump rope.   If you’re looking for […]