Best Crossfit Jump Ropes

Jumping rope helps you improve your coordination, burn calories, keep your heart healthy, and build strong bones. In fact, jumping rope for just 10 minutes can give you the same benefits as running an eight-minute mile. Because of this extensive list of benefits, many CrossFit exercises require a jump rope.


If you’re looking for the best jump rope for CrossFit; you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of the five best CrossFit jump ropes. Read through our list to help you identify the right piece of equipment to supplement your workout and provide you with all the benefits listed above.


Top 5 Crossfit Jump Ropes


Rogue Fitness SR-1F Froning Speed Rope 2.0


Rogue Fitness is a trusted name in the fitness and CrossFit industry and their SR-1F Froning Speed Rope definitely lives up to the company’s reputation. Rogue Fitness worked with Rich Froning Jr., a four-time CrossFit Games champion, to create the speed rope.


The rope has a 10-foot polyurethan cable. This material choice makes the rope more durable and flexible than other ropes you’ll find that are made out of nylon. It also won’t look all coiled up after being rolled up to put in a gym bag.


If you are taller, you can purchase an 11-foot cable, instead of the standard 10-foot cable, for your rope. The rope also features high speed bearings to help you maximize each workout.


The 6.5-inch handles are lightweight, yet firm. They also have a diamond-patterned grip to help prevent them from slipping out of your hands during a workout.


The jump rope has a simple color scheme that still will make a statement at the gym. The handles are black and there is a gray coating on the cable and grips.




  • This rope features new aluminum heads.
  • An 11-foot cable is available for taller athletes.
  • The handles have a diamond-patterned grip.



  • This item is more expensive than most of the other options on our list.

Epitomie Fitness Sonic Boom M2 High Speed Jump Rope


You also can’t go wrong with the Sonic Boom M2 High Speed Jump Rope. This rope is specially engineered to be faster than other high-speed ropes to help you train better and make faster progress towards your goals.


The jump rope has premium-grade 360-degree ball bearings to help increase its speed. It also has anti-slip grips on the handles to help you maintain a good grip throughout your workout, even if your hands get sweaty.


If you’ve ever worked out with a jump rope, you know how annoying it can be to have a screw come loose and fall out as you are jumping. You won’t have to worry about that annoyance with this jump rope. It is the first patent-pending screw-free and self-locking jump rope on the market.


Two adjustable 10-foot polymer coated speed cables are included with your purchase. This will help you get the right fit and make sure the jump rope meets your needs.


When you purchase this rope, you’ll receive some free accessories to go with it. A free carrying case and a free online training course are included with all purchases.


Epitomie Fitness offers a lifetime warranty and a satisfaction guarantee to protect your purchase of this item.




  • The rope has 360-degree, premium-grade ball bearings.
  • There are anti-slip grips on the handles.
  • This rope is the first screw-free and self-locking option on the market.



  • If you are very tall, the 10-foot cable may not be long enough for you.

Rx Jump Rope


The Rx Jump Rope is another strong contender. This item has a nine-foot, black buff cable.


The handles are designed using Rx’s patented multi-directional swivel and the rope has high speed bearings. These two features will work together to deliver both speed and performance you’ll be impressed by.


The jump rope’s design make is a great option for a variety of workouts. Some examples include Double Unders and high-intensity CrossFit workouts.


This jump rope is trusted by many professional athletes, which should give you confidence in its performance and quality. The USA Boxing Team, USA Wrestling Team, USA Judo Team, USA Synchro Team, USA Functional Fitness Team, and various top athletes from the CrossFit games all use and trust this jump rope.




  • The rope has high speed bearings.
  • The handles are designed with a multi-directional swivel.
  • Professional athletes and sports teams trust this option.



  • The nine-foot cable may be too short.

WOD Nation Attack Speed Jump Rope


The WOD Nation Attack Speed Jump Rope is a reasonably priced, high-quality option. This rope comes with a 2.2-millimeter cable and a 3.3-millimeter cable. The 2.2-millimeter cable is designed for high-speed jumping, while the 3.3-millimeter cable is perfect for improving your endurance and building muscle.


Whether you’re a beginner or experienced with jumping rope, you’ll find that this is a great option. Beginners will likely prefer the 2.2-millimeter cable, while more advanced jumpers may opt to challenge themselves more with the 3.3-millimeter cable.


Switching between the cables only takes a minute, so it will be easy to select the perfect cable size for each exercise you want to perform. You will also be able to easily adjust the length of the cable without the use of any tools.


When you purchase this option, you’ll also receive a travel bag. This will make it easy for safely pack your jump rope in your gym bag to have it ready when you need it.


This jump rope is available in blue, black, pink, purple, red, and yellow.




  • Two cables of different widths are included with your purchase.
  • Switching between the cables can be done in about a minute and doesn’t require any tools.
  • There are six color choices available.



  • Using this jump rope on concrete or asphalt can ruin the cable’s coating.

Fit Viva Deluxe High Speed Jump Rope


Finally, consider the Deluxe High Speed Jump Rope from Fit Viva. This produce is designed with a self-locking connection. This means, you won’t need to worry about screws or bolts coming loose and falling off as you are working out.


Two ropes are included with your purchase to let you choose whether you are looking to work on speed or endurance. Switching between the two rope options is quick and easy, so you will be able to select the perfect cable width for each workout you want to do.


The handles on this product are slimmer than those on many other jump ropes. They are designed with a soft-touch silicone grip and a smooth turning bearing system. These two features work together to allow the rope to rotate smoothly to provide you with a consistent, result-producing workout.


This product is available with black or red handles. Both options include one black cable and one red cable. You can also choose to purchase a hard carrying case for your jump rope when you check out.


If you’re not satisfied with your purchase of this item Fit Viva will refund you the full amount of your purchase. So, you really have nothing to lose in giving this option a try.




  • Two cables are included with your purchase.
  • The handles are slim with a soft-touch silicone grip.
  • Fit Viva offers a full refund if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.



  • The cables sometimes get tangled.

A jump rope can help you get a lot more out of your CrossFit workouts. However, you shouldn’t assume that all jump ropes are the same, because they are not. Read through our list of features that you’ll want to consider before purchasing a new jump rope for your CrossFit routines.




One of the first things you should pay attention to when selecting a jump rope is the length of the cable. If you are on the taller side, you’ll want to look for a longer rope; if you are shorter or of average height, you will likely be fine with a standard-sized rope.


Many of the jump ropes that are available have adjustable lengths. Choosing one of these should help ensure the rope is appropriately sized for your body. Just make sure that the maximum length is plenty long enough for you so you don’t get stuck with a rope that is too short.




Another feature to pay attention to is the weight of the rope. Thicker cables weigh more than thinner options.


In general, thicker cables are better for beginners because they won’t spin as quickly and can help you improve your coordination and adjust to the various exercises. If you’re looking for a high-speed rope, then you’ll want to choose one with a thin cable.




You will definitely want to take a close look at the handles on the different products you’re considering. When looking at the handles, one thing you’ll want to look for is whether the handles have ball bearings. Ball bearings help evenly distribute the weight of the rope as you jump.


You should also look for how the handles are connected to the rope. Ideally you will want to find a product that have a swivel mechanism that connects the cable to the handle. This will allow the rope to rotate more freely and prevent the cable from getting worn and breaking at the connection point.


Another important thing to look for when looking at the handles is their overall designs and if they will help you keep a good grip on the jump rope as you jump. Look for something that looks like it will be comfortable to hold and won’t slide out of your hands if they get sweaty.




If you’ve started looking at CrossFit jump ropes, you may have noticed that there are a few different materials that are used for the rope. Some jump ropes have a vinyl cord, while other options have a plastic, rubber, nylon, rope, leather, or even steel.


Jump ropes with very thin metal cables will spin the fastest, so be sure you’re ready for a high-speed rope if you choose this option. Plastic and vinyl ropes should last for a long time, while leather or cloth ropes will likely wear out more quickly.


Quality and Durability


Before making a purchase, you’ll want to make sure that the product you select will last for a long time. Look for options that are made from high-quality materials and feature quality construction.




Next, be sure to take note of the price for each option. Don’t let price be the only factor that guides your decision, but select a product that is within your budget. If you’re interested in a higher priced option, be sure to confirm that is a high-quality item that will be worth the investment.


Warranties and Guarantees


Finally, look to see if any of the ropes you’re thinking about come with any warranties or guarantees from the manufacturer. This can help protect your purchase and give you peace of mind that you’ll be able to get a replacement if anything goes wrong with your jump rope.


We found that all five of the jump ropes we reviewed above are quality items that can help you get the most out of every CrossFit workout. However, the Rogue Fitness SR-1F Froning Speed Rope 2.0 really stood out against the rest.


Designed in collaboration with four-time CrossFit Games champion Rich Froning, this is a quality jump rope that has all the features you’ll want to see in the product you purchase. At 6.5 inches, the handles are a comfortable size to hold and help you control the rope. They also have a diamond-patterned grip that will help ensure they don’t slip out of your hands as you are jumping.


The cable on this option is made from polyurethane, making it more flexible and durable than most other CrossFit jump ropes you’ll see. The jump rope comes with a 10-foot cable, but 11-foot cables can be purchased separately for taller athletes. There are high speed bearings on the cable that will allow you to get the rope going really quickly.


The Rogue Fitness SR-1F Froning Speed Rope is a purchase you’ll be very pleased with. Add it to your cart today so you’ll have it ready for your next CrossFit workout!


Frequently Asked Questions


How long should a jump rope be?


It seems logical that if you are a taller person, you’ll need a longer jump rope. As a quick way to calculate the appropriate rope length you’ll need, you can take your height and add three feet to it. For example, if you are 5 feet, 10 inches, you would need a jump rope with an 8-foot, 10-inch cable.


Once you have purchased a jump rope, you can check to make sure the length is correct for you. Start by holding one handle in each of your hands and step on the rope. Then, bring the handles in together and point them at your chest.


Look for where the cable ends. It should stop around your sternum. If it is going higher than this, it means the rope is too long and will go too high above your head or slap the ground too much when you jump.


How long should you jump rope?


There are a number of factors that will impact how long each of your jump rope sessions should be. Some of these factors include your skill level, whether you have any past injuries, your current level of fitness, the type of surface you are jumping on, and, of course, your goals.


If you are in good shape and have been working out regularly, your body will likely be able to handle more frequent jump roping sessions. However, you will still want to start with fewer weekly sessions and work your way up to more frequent sessions, since this will let your muscles get used to jumping. People who have been working out regularly should be able to work their way up to jumping rope between three and five times each week.


If you are newer to exercising and training, you will want to let your body get used to working out and jumping rope. Only jumping rope one to two times each week to start is probably a good idea.


If you are jumping on harder surfaces, you will want to jump less frequently than you might if you are jumping on more padded surfaces. This is because the impact from jumping on harder surfaces can hurt your knees or cause an injury more easily.


Keep your goals in mind as well as you are planning your jump rope sessions. If your goal is to increase your endurance and stamina, aim for longer sessions between 20 and 60 minutes. Be sure to work yourself up to longer sessions though, and don’t start with trying to jump rope for 60 minutes at a time.


If you want to burn fat, rather than longer sessions, you’ll want to try for short, yet intense, jump rope workouts. Be sure not to do too many high intensity sessions each week, though, since they can place stress on your body and systems, which could lead to potential injuries.


Always be sure to listen to your body. If something isn’t feeling right or you feel like you’re reinjuring a past injury, slow down and reduce the amount you’re jumping. You don’t want to push yourself too hard and end up injuring yourself more.


Is jumping rope better than running?


Jumping rope can be a very effective cardio exercise. Research has shown that jumping rope for about 10 minutes can deliver the same benefits you’d receive from running an eight-minute mile.


When you jump rope, you can burn lots of calories each minute and engage numerous muscle groups in your body. Jumping rope delivers a full body workout, and you can even target different areas of your body by doing different types of jumps and drills.


Can jumping rope burn belly fat?


When it is part of a balanced diet and exercise routine, jumping rope can be an effective way to burn belly fat. When you jump rope, you are getting a full-body workout, which means you are able to burn a lot of calories at one time. Each minute spent jumping rope can burn as much as 10 (or possibly more) calories.


Is jumping rope a good workout?


Yes, jumping rope can be a very effective exercise. It is one type of cardio exercise that is used by many different athletes to help them tone their body and improve their coordination.


There are many benefits you’ll enjoy when you begin incorporating jumping rope into your CrossFit workout routine. Some of these benefits include:


  • Burning calories
  • Improved coordination
  • Stronger bones
  • Improved heart health
  • Decreasing your risk of injury
  • Tightening your core
  • Increasing your lung capacity
  • Improving your stamina
  • Toning your calves

Why do my shins hurt after jump roping?


It will take your body some time to get used to jumping rope. You’ll be using different muscles that you haven’t used as much, which can lead to some pain.


If you are experiencing pain in your shins, you can scale back your jump rope routine for a bit to give your body time to adjust to the different muscles you need to use.


Can you adjust the length of a CrossFit jump rope?


Yes, many CrossFit jump ropes are designed to be adjustable. You will want to consult with the directions for the specific model you purchased to learn how to adjust its length.


What are the benefits of a weighted jump rope?


There are a few benefits you’ll likely experience when you start using a weighted jump rope. A few of these benefits include:


  • Developing your shoulders and increasing your upper body strength and power
  • Enjoying more training options
  • Engaging more muscles
  • Receiving more feedback and having a slower rotation (better for beginners)

Should I get a jump rope with ball bearings?


Yes, ideally you will want to find a jump rope with all bearings. Ball bearings help ensure that the weight of the rope is more evenly distributed as you are jumping. This will allow the jump rope to rotate more smoothly and can prevent it from getting tangled.


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