Best Delaware Gyms

So you’re looking for the best gyms in Delaware? This is everything that you need to consider before picking your Delaware gym!

Choosing somewhere to work out is not a one-size-fits-all proposition and there are a number of things you should to consider when picking a gym to workout in. Gym location, hours of operation, type of equipment and cost are just a few of the things you need to take into account.

Additionally, there are various types of gyms that offer specialized workouts so you need to be sure the gym you sign up at will meet your workout expectations and fitness goals.

Types of Gym

There is essentially two categories of gyms and all of the various types of gyms will fall into one of the two following categories:

• All-Inclusive Gyms: These gyms will offer resistance training including a full complement of free weights and workout machines, various types of cardio equipment, group fitness classes and personal training, or some combinations thereof, all under one roof.

• Specialized Gyms: These gyms have a set workout program, such as kickboxing, MMA training, rock climbing or power lifting.

Note that there are also gyms that cater exclusively to women and some that focus solely on seniors.

Gym Hours

Be sure to carefully consider the gyms hours of operation as gym hours can vary as greatly from one establishment to the next as can the type of equipment and workouts they offer. There are gyms that have regularly set hours each day and those that are open 24. Some 24-hour gyms will have overnight staff and others will not, but provide you with a key or access card to come and go as you please.

Be sure to ask the following questions to be sure the gym’s hours will accommodate your schedule:

• Are the hours the same each week day?
• Are there different hours on the weekend?
• Does the gym shorten or expand their hours during the summer or winter months?

Gym Location (What Part of Delaware)

Where the gym is located can be critical to you being able to get there before or after work or on you lunch break and have enough time to get you workout in. One of the things you will want to consider is when you plan to work out. Decide when you will you be working out, such as in the morning before work or on your way home.

If you live in a larger city, a gym located anywhere along your commute may be suitable. However, the gym should ideally be located closer to your home so you can still get there easily on the days you don’t have to work. The location of the gym isn’t as critical if you live in a smaller town that is only a few miles in diameter.

Exercise Equipment and Amenities

Most gyms are set up for some form of resistance training. This will include either free weights or weight machines, or both. If the gym only offers one form of training, and you prefer one over the other, than this must be factored into you decision.

Most gyms will have various types of cardio machines that can include:

1. Treadmills.
2. Elliptical machines.
3. Stair-climbing machines.
4. Stationary bicycles.

Larger gyms will usually offer all of the above types of equipment.

Some gyms will have a swimming pool either on site or at a different location. Some gyms will have agreements in place with another business that has a pool, such as a hotel or the local parks and recreation department. Be sure to inquire about the cost and availability of the pool if the gym has this type of arrangement.

If you are working out before work, on your lunch hour or between work and a personal or business function, showers are a must. Be sure to check the showers to be sure there is an adequate supply of hot water. While almost all gyms will have a locker for you to use for free while you workout, some gyms will offer locker rentals so you can leave your workout clothes and shower necessities at the gym.

Fitness Classes

Many gyms will offer a variety of group fitness class that may include:

• Aerobics
• Yoga.
• Kick boxing.
• Spinning.
• Strength training.

Be sure to inquire about the times and availability of classes as well as the instructors experience and certification.


Observe the staff when you visit and meet as many of them as possible. Watch to see if they treat the members courteously and are knowledgeable and helpful when asked a question.

Personal Training

Most all-inclusive gyms will offer some form of personal training. Some gyms will have trainers on staff and others will have trainers they contract with. If training is something your are interested in, be sure to inquire about the trainers certification levels, their experience offering personal training and how long they have been working with the gym.

Nutritional Coaching

Some gyms will offer nutritional counseling. Coaches may have training from an accredited national organization, such as the ACE, or may have university level training, such as bachelors or maters degree in nutrition.


Carefully check out how well the gym is maintained during your fact-finding visit. Check to see if the equipment is in good working order, if the floor is clean and if the locker room is in good repair.


Membership fees can vary greatly from one gym to the next and know that it is not uncommon for two almost identical gyms with virtually the same levels of amenities to have radically different pricing structures.

All-inclusive gyms may offer the following types of memberships:

• Regular Membership: This generally covers all of the gyms services.
• Discounted Partial or “Off Peak” Membership: These membership only allow your to work out on certain days and times.
• Discounted Student Membership: Lower cost membership for students
• Fitness Classes Only Membership: These membership are designed for people who only want to attend the gyms group exercise class.

Many gyms will offer substantial discounts for longer term contracts. However, never agree to a long-term commitment until you have tried the gym out for at least a week.

Some gyms will have an off-peak discounted membership rate. Some gyms may offer a “limited” membership, restricting the days a week you can visit. Always ask the following questions to determine what the membership fee covers:

1. Are fitness classes included in the membership, or is there an additional fee?
2. Does the club have, or have access to a pool? Is there an additional fee for use of the pool?
3. What days and times are included in the membership fee?
4. Is there a locker rental fee?
5. Do they offer personal training and nutrition coaching? These services will typically have an additional cost.

The costs can also vary widely with specialized gyms so be sure to make the same inquires, as is relevant to the specific club and what it offers.

Conclusion For Picking Your Delaware Gym

Now that you know what to look for in a Delaware gym, you can do most of you research online by doing a quick search for gyms in your location. Once you have narrowed it down to a few likely prospects you will want to make a few calls. Create a list of your top choices from the answers the staff gives you to your questions over the phone and then visit the gyms in person.

Even if you fall in love wit the first gym you visits, do yourself the service of still checking out your other top prospects. Only pull the trigger after you have fished your fact finding as you may like one of the other gyms on your list even better.

When making your final decision remember that the most important thing to consider is to choose a gym that you will actually use. If you pick a gym that doesn’t fit your needs and your schedule, or that is too hard to get to without going too far out of your way, you will quickly tire of the hassle and your workout will suffer.

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