Best Medicine Balls

Whether you’re looking to improve your coordination or strengthen your abs, a medicine ball is a workout tool you’ll want to have around. Originally used just by physiotherapists helping people recover from an injury, medicine balls are now commonly found in gyms and home gyms. These versatile tools come in different weights and can be used to help you work on different areas of the body.


However, choosing the right medicine ball for you isn’t always easy. There are many different options available, and it can seem overwhelming to choose the one you want to purchase. We’ve compiled a review of the five best medicine balls on the market to help make your decision a little easier.


Top 5 Medicine Balls


ProsourceFit Soft Medicine Ball


Our top pick is the ProsourceFit Soft Medicine Ball. This ball is available in four different weight options: 6 pounds, 10 pounds, 14 pounds, and 20 pounds. It is a great option to consider whether you’re looking for something for CrossFit, exercising your core, agility training, or strength training.


The ball has a soft outer shell made of PU leather. The interior is padded, and there is just a bit of give to the outer fabric to help you keep a good grip on the ball as you work out.


The cushioned design of this ball is designed to absorb impact. The ball features double-stitched seams of a very heavy-duty material.


Each ball has a 14-inch diameter and is designed to be very consistent in size. This feature will help you hold the ball with ease or toss it back and forth with a partner.




  • Each weight option is a different color to help you keep the balls straight if you purchase multiple sizes.
  • The ball is designed to absorb impacts.
  • The 14-inch size is a good size for holding and tossing.



  • This is a more expensive option than the other items we reviewed.

Champion Sports Medicine Ball


Another solid option to consider is the Champion Sports Medicine Ball. This ball has a synthetic leather exterior that is designed to be easy to hold. Even when your hands get sweaty, you’ll be able to maintain your grip on the ball and won’t need to worry about it slipping out of your hands.


Champion is well-know for their quality products, and this medicine ball is a good example for why people love their products. It is designed to be very durable and last a long time. The ball features reinforced stitching and a durable cover that will stay looking new even after frequent use.


Champion designed this medicine ball so that it could be used for a variety of different exercises and sports. Some possible uses include CrossFit, Pilates, yoga, and aerobics.


If you choose this option, you’ll enjoy a variety of color and weight options. The ball comes in eight different size/color options. They are: a 4-5-pound red ball, a 6-7-pound yellow ball, a 9-10-pound blue ball, an 11-12-pound orange ball, a 14-15-pound green ball, a 17-18-pound teal ball, a 19-20-pound purple ball, and a 21-22-pound black ball.




  • The material is easy to grip so the ball won’t slip out of your hands.
  • It has a durable cover with reinforced stitching for added durability.
  • There are eight different color/size options to choose from.



  • The ball may have a slight odor when it first comes out of the box.

AmazonBasics Medicine Ball


The AmazonBasics Medicine Ball is available in 10- and 12-pound sizes. This is a black and blue rubber ball that is designed to be used for classic medicine ball workouts.


If you are looking for a medicine ball that will bounce off of surfaces, this is a good option to choose. Unlike some other options that are designed not to bounce, this ball features rubber construction, so it will bounce.


The ball is designed to be very durable. The exterior is made from a rubber-material that is designed to hold up well to frequent uses.


You also won’t need to worry about this ball slipping out of your hands in the middle of a workout. It has a textured finish to help you keep your grip on the ball.




  • The rubber exterior allows this option to bounce.
  • It has a textured exterior to help you get a good grip on the ball.
  • This product is durable and designed to hold up well to lots of use.



  • You can only purchase this option in a 10- or 12-pound size.

Fuel Pureformance Medicine Ball


Next, you’ll want to take a close look at the Fuel Pureformance Medicine Ball. This is a durable option that is designed to last. It is made from strong synthetic leatherette and features heavy-duty stitching.


The heavy-duty materials used to make this product will help it hold up well to frequent use and getting tossed against the floor or walls.


This medicine ball is designed not to bounce. It also has a non-shifting fill weight. This weight will help keep you in complete control of the ball as you are working out.


This is a great option to consider whether you are a novice looking for a lighter ball to get started or experienced with using a medicine ball and looking for a heavier ball. The Fuel Pureformance Medicine Ball is available in 8-, 12-, 20-, 25- and 30-pound sizes.




  • The ball is durable and designed to withstand a lot.
  • The non-shifting weight allows you to maintain control.
  • You can purchase this option in 8-, 12-, 20-, 25- and 30-pound sizes.



  • This is not a good option if you are looking for a medicine ball that will bounce.

BalanceForm Weighted Medicine Ball


Last but not least, consider the BalanceForm Weighted Medicine Ball. This ball has a textured rubber exterior. This design allows the ball to bounce and also help you keep a good grip on the ball during a workout.


You’ll find that this is a good option to consider if you’re looking to strengthen your core, work on your coordination, or improve your agility. You can incorporate the ball into your workout routine to help you achieve a full-body workout.


There are eight different weight options to choose from. They are 4 pounds, 6, pounds, 8 pounds, 10 pounds, 12 pounds, 15 pounds, 18 pounds, and 20 pounds. Each weight has a different color to help you easily distinguish them in your home gym.




  • There are eight different weight options available.
  • This is a good option if you’re looking for a ball that will bounce.
  • Each weight has a different color to help you easily find the ball you want for a particular exercise.



  • A few users shared that they couldn’t keep a good grip on this ball.

Buying Guide


A medicine ball can be a great companion for a workout. Before selecting a medicine ball, you’ll want to think about what types of exercises you’ll be using it for and think about the features you want to see in the ball you select. We’ve put together a buying guide to help you identify what you want to see in the ball you purchase.


Bounce or No Bounce


There are two main types of medicine balls: those that bounce and those that do not bounce. The type of exercise you are looking to perform with your medicine ball can help you decide which type is best for you.


For example, if you’re looking for a ball to throw against a wall or the floor to catch when it comes back to you, choosing a bouncing medicine ball may be the best option. If you’ll just be using your medicine ball for exercises where you’ll be holding/lifting it, you can select an option that does not bounce.




Durability is another important feature to consider. You want to find a medicine ball that will take a beating and come out looking just fine.


Look for products made using quality materials and fillings. Some common cover materials you’ll see include leather, synthetic leather, nylon, vinyl, polyurethane, and rubber. Filling materials may include gel, sand, or air.




Finding a medicine ball that has a textured outer surface is very important. You’ll be holding the medicine ball as you work out, where your hands are likely to get sweaty and slippery. You’ll want to find a ball that will help you keep your grip under these conditions.




Next, you’ll want to be sure to pay attention to the different weight options that are available for the different products you’re considering. Select a medicine ball that is available in the appropriate weight for your body and the types of exercises you are planning to use it for.




Clearly, the color of a medicine ball won’t impact the effectiveness of your workout. However, it may make it just a little more enjoyable if you choose a medicine ball that is available in one of your favorite colors. Don’t let color be your main deciding factor, but if you are torn between two options, consider choosing the one that comes in a color you like.


After compiling all of our reviews above, we selected the ProsourceFit Soft Medicine Ball as our top pick. There were a few different features that made this option stand out to us over the other products we reviewed.


First, we like that there are four different weight options available. This makes this a good choice for anyone looking for a medicine ball, whether you are looking to add some weight to the current ball you’re using or are thinking about giving medicine balls a try for the first time. The ball comes in a 6-, 10-, 14-, and 20-pound size.


Another thing we love about this option is how durable it is. Made from a durable PU leather with heavy-duty double stitching, you won’t need to worry about the cover tearing open on this ball.


This ball is also easy to grip. The cover has a little give over the padded interior to help make sure the ball doesn’t slip out of your hands in the middle of a workout.


We think you’ll enjoy the ProsourceFit Soft Medicine Ball, but if one of the other products we reviewed caught your eye, go for it. All five of the options we reviewed are quality products that will make a great addition to your home gym!


If you still are unsure about which medicine ball is best for you, take a few minutes to read through our reviews again, think about the features of each option, and weigh the pros and cons. Then, place your order so you’ll be able to begin working out with your new medicine ball soon!


Frequently Asked Questions


What is a medicine ball?


A medicine ball is a weighted ball used for exercise and rehabilitation. They can be used to help improve coordination or build strength. Medicine balls come in a variety of weights, typically between 2 and 25 pounds. They can have a diameter of up to 14 inches.


What medicine ball weight should I use?


The right starting weight for a medicine ball will be different for each user depending on their body type, skill level, and the type of exercises the ball will be used for. The American Council of Exercises recommends starting with a ball weighing between 4 and 15 pounds.


Since this is such a large range, you may want to consult a personal trainer to get their thoughts. If you belong to a gym or have a friend who has medicine balls, you could also try out a few different weight options to see what feels right for the types of exercise you plan on doing with the ball.


Women may want to use a ball that is around five or eight pounds to start, and men may want to start with a 10-pound ball.


How many medicine balls do I need?


Starting with one medicine ball should be sufficient. As you work to increase your strength and incorporate more exercises into your routine, you can look a purchasing a second, heavier ball.


Do medicine balls bounce?


Some medicine balls will bounce a good amount, while some will not bounce very much at all. The materials used to make each option will impact how much, if at all, it will bounce. Products with a rubber cover will bounce more than ones with a leather/vinyl cover.


What exercises can you do with a medicine ball?


You’ll find that there are a ton of different exercises you can do with a medicine ball. Some of these include:


  • Slams
  • Overhead raises
  • Planks
  • Squats
  • Lunges with twist
  • Press-ups
  • Lunge woodchops
  • Burpee thrusters
  • Torso twists
  • Overhead scoop throw
  • Lateral reach pulls
  • Slam and spins

How do you do medicine ball slams?


To do medicine ball slams, you’ll want to start with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent. Then, extend your arms and lift the medicine ball over your head.


Bend forward at your waist, inhale, and engage your core to throw the medicine ball down in the front of your feet. You want to use as much force as you can to get the best results. Be sure to exhale deeply as you do this.


You also want to make sure your arms follow through with the movement to keep you from falling over.


It is important to perform medicine ball slams correctly. Doing them incorrectly can lead to muscle pain or even a pulled muscle.


What muscles do you work when throwing a medicine ball?


Medicine ball slams can help you work on a lot of different muscle groups. They work your biceps, triceps, upper back, glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, deltoids, and abs.


What benefits can you get from a medicine ball slam workout?


Since medicine ball slams work so many different muscles in your body, they can help build these muscles and increase your strength and stamina. Muscle ball slams are also good for burning calories and fat and getting your heart rate up.


You may also notice an improvement in your coordination when you incorporate medicine ball slams into your workout routine. They can have a positive impact on your performance in a variety of other exercises and sports since they improve your coordination and work on so many different muscles in your body.


What are medicine balls made from?


Different manufacturers use different materials to make their medicine balls. Typically, the outer shell is made from a softer material. Some popular options include vinyl, leather, nylon, polyurethane, or rubber.


The inside of a medicine ball can also be filled with different materials. Some materials that are commonly used include gel, sand, or air.


What is the difference between a medicine ball and a slam ball?


Medicine balls and slam balls are pretty similar. They can both be sued for many of the same exercises where you hold the ball as you exercise, such as sit-ups, overhead presses, and squats. Both can also be a good option if you’re looking for a ball for partner exercises where you’ll be passing the ball back and forth.


Slam balls are designed to be used for throwing exercises. Because of this, they have a harder outer shell that is made using rubber. This material allows the ball the handle impacts better and also lets the ball bounce back to you after it has been thrown.


Medicine balls have a softer covering that is often made from a leather or leather-like material.


Can I use a medicine ball as a slam ball?


Ideally, you’ll want to have a separate slam ball to perform many exercises. If you use a medicine ball for slams, you can risk damaging it since medicine balls aren’t designed to withstand high impacts as well as slam balls are.


Should I get a medicine ball or a kettlebell?


Medicine balls and kettlebells are both used in different ways and can help you reach different goals. Thinking about your specific goals can help ensure you select the right workout tool. You also may decide that you want to purchase a kettlebell and a medicine ball to allow you to work on different muscle groups and maximize your workouts.


Medicine balls are often preferred by athletes training for a sport. This is because of the types of excises, like torso twists, that you can do holding a medicine ball with two hands. These exercises can help get you ready for your sport since they use some of the same movements used to play sports like tennis or football.


Kettlebells provide the benefit of helping build muscles. In some cases, they may be more effective at building muscles than medicine balls are.


If you’re looking to burn more calories with your workouts, then you’ll probably want to select a kettlebell. Kettlebells can help you burn as many as 20 calories each minute.


Why do they call it a medicine ball?


Hippocrates, a Greek physician, stuffed animal skins and had his patients toss them for medicinal purposes. Many think this is where the term medicine ball came from.

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