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10 Fitness Tips For Good Health

Maintaining good health is a challenging task as we meet many factors in our daily lives that badly impact our good health, such as junk food. Sometimes people feel exhausted and frustrated from exercise needed to remain fit.   People have different reasons to remain fit and active. Some people have a dream to look […]

Bulgarian Training

What is Bulgarian Training?   If you are interested in becoming bigger, stronger and a better lifter, you should consider the Bulgarian method of training. The lifting world was dominated throughout the 1970s and 1980s by the Bulgarian weight lifting team due to this method. The reason is Ivan Abadjiev was the team’s head coach. […]

Weight Training For Beginners

Starting a weight training regimen not only helps you look better, but it also gives you the strength and endurance necessary to live your best life. No matter what age you are, beginning a weight training program will improve your condition and create a stronger body and mind. Perhaps you’re looking to increase your muscle […]

Best Breathing Techniques

How to Use Tips and Exercises for Better Breathing Have you ever heard the phrase “let me catch my breath” or that someone “breathes life” into something? These phrases resonate with us because as humans, we recognize the importance of breathing. Our entire body depends on oxygen to survive. When you breathe properly, you improve […]