Jerk Technique

The Push Jerk, Power Jerk & Split Jerk

Jerk Technique And Power Lifting

Your jerk technique is a key component to the overall performance and success throughout your lifting career. Each jerk technique has been carefully developed to allow lifters to show off their strength, and dedication while training.

These movements also help lifters to avoid practicing unhealthy movements.
Each and every power lifter will become familiar with these positions as they become more developed within their careers.

Finding The Right Jerk Technique

Each jerk technique has its own area of specialty that requires concentration and mastering. There are various aspects pertaining to your body-type and goals that should help you to determine the jerk technique that you choose to implement within your routine.

You must consider your level and experience as well. These different jerk techniques incorporate intervals of isolation and momentum in order to be performed correctly. Keep reading to learn about these different techniques so that you can practice correctly.

Skills And Requirements

Every jerk consists of your body using a mixture of muscle symmetry, core stability, and shoulder stabilization. Your legs, arms, core, and shoulders all play different roles in perfecting these Olympic stances.

Equipment Needed To Complete The Movements

Fortunately, the movements require minimal equipment. You need to use the appropriate dumbbells that fit your weight class. Invest in the proper barbell equipment so that you are not prone to accidents while you’re lifting excessive amounts of weight.

You may also want to make sure that you are in a safe environment. This allows you to pick up your workout equipment as you please without causing damage to property. This is an exercise that consists of throwing heavy amounts of weight on the ground.

Hazards That You Should Avoid

Everyone’s body is different. You should keep this in mind. Do not look at other people’s progression and expect for their journey to be identical to your own. Weight lifting requires proper preparation and technique.

If you lift weights that are too heavy, you could cause negative side-effects like poor posture, trouble with your inter-vertebral discs, lordosis, and other spinal curvature problems.

These are all conditions that can be tricky to treat. This is why you should gradually increase the weights that you use so that your body can adjust accordingly.

Different Techniques To Consider

There are different techniques that different power-lifters use for certain movements and specifications. Today, we will be discussing the power jerk, the split jerk, and the push jerk. These jerks are some of the most common movements that have allowed power-lifters to achieve success while remaining healthy.

The Power Jerk

While performing the power jerk, the bar should start in front of your feet so that you can easily reach down to grab it. Next, you should bring the bar up onto your shoulders with your palms and elbows up.

Now, do your best to bend down into a dip. Jump up while bringing the bar from on top of your shoulders into the air. Lock your arms in place behind your ears when all of the movements are complete.

Muscle Symmetry
You will have to have controlled movements to execute this lift correctly. You will be using your quadriceps, your shoulders, hamstrings, and thighs to engage in this workout. You will also have to anticipate the weight so that your muscles can adjust accordingly. This is so the weight above your shoulders doesn’t come as an absolute surprise when you are performing the jerk.

Core Strength
Your core muscles are vital when performing the lift above the shoulders. Your hands are going above your head. You will need to add stability so that your body does not lean in the opposite direction.

Shoulder Stabilization
Your shoulders need to carry all of the weight that is coming from the barbell once it is above your head. In this position, you do not have the ability to stabilize the waist with the help of your leg or any other body parts.

Your legs also need to be sturdy and strong enough to complete the first movement without reassurance. Your core and arms also need to be trained with muscle memory and strength to complete this without falling down to the ground.

The Split Jerk

This exercise consists of picking up the barbell with your feet shoulder-width apart. Next, you should bring the barbell above your head while also jumping into a front lunge. Now, your front leg should have a 90-degree angle. When this movement is complete, you should lock your arms so that movement is restricted.

Core Strength
Strength within your core needs to be strong enough to complete the movements within your leg while also transferring the weights to your arms and core.

Individuals with back problems like lordosis might find that this exercise is more uncomfortable because of the amount of movement that is done with the weight.

Shoulder Stabilization
Your shoulders need to have the ability to work in unison with your legs. The coordination between these two regions of your body is critical for success when performing the split jerk.

Your shoulders also have to be strengthened enough to work in unison with your arms. You must be capable of increasing momentum to bring the barbell above your head while you are performing the final lunge position.

The Push Jerk

Pick up the weights so that you can rest them on your chest with your wrist pointing outward. Next, add a short space between your feet so that they are no-more-than hip-width apart.

Bend your knees while also raising the bar above your head to snap your arms in place. Remember that the knees might bend outward. This is not a problem when you are preparing to jump.

Muscle Symmetry
This is the utmost most concentrated lift that requires complete isolation within certain regions of your body to execute this lift correctly. During this movement, your legs do not have lots of room to build momentum while squatting.

They need to be strong enough to carry the weight so that you can lift the barbell above your head.

Core Strength
Your core needs to be stable enough to complete all of these movements with excessive amounts of weight while remaining straight. Your legs do not have lots of space between them. If you make the wrong move, you could drop the barbell and potentially injure yourself.

Shoulder Stabilization
Your shoulders also need to be able to isolate the weight without tilting. You will not have your legs to help you hold the barbell like you would in the split jerk. You should know that once your barbell is transferred from your bottom half and over your shoulders, you must have the strength that is required to hold the barbell steadily.

You simply need to utilize your arms, shoulders, and core stability.

Training Exercises That Help

Training exercises that have helped numerous trainers to strengthen and prepare are listed below. They consist of movements that establish muscle memory, strengthening, and coordination between different areas of the body. You can practice them with a barbell that does not consist of the weights.

You can especially practice more simplified movements that concentrate more on the allowing the body to focus on perfecting the dip, raising the bar above the shoulders, and perfect posture.

  • Alternating Squat Jumps This exercise helps your body to establish muscle memory skills that improve your jump while performing the split jerk. You can do this exercise with or without weights.
  • Regular Squat Jumps Regular squat jumps can help you to achieve the perfect form for push and power jerks.
  • Back Squat Strengthen your legs while also engaging your arms by placing your barbell behind your neck to squat. Make sure that you are using your back muscles to support the barbell.
  • Deadlift The deadlift will help you to gain strength within your back so that your posture and isolation techniques will have more strength. Most jerks consist of some form of the deadlift.
  • Overhead Press The overhead press can strengthen your arms and shoulders so that they are better fit to perform the jerks correctly without becoming off-balance.
  • Bench Press The bench press isolates muscles like your triceps and biceps so that they are strong enough to complete the exaggerated arm-swing that is required to place the barbell over your head.

Apply The Knowledge To Become Your Best

Now that you’ve got all of the knowledge. You can feel more confident when you’re picking up your max weight to conquer your world. Please consider all of the information that was provided to avoid possible injuries and achieve positive results.

Your body should not be able to lift those heavy weights overnight. You will soon see results once you’ve pushed through the soreness and self-discipline that it takes to train properly and prosperously.

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