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Increasing Your Squat

Introduction This guide will provide you with several interesting ways to boost your squat. We are going to take a look at different strategies and general methods that might come in handy when attempting to improve your squat. A squat is a little bit different than a deadlift because the squat typically focuses on the […]

Snatch Technique & Tips

Mastering the Snatch technique is one of the most challenging skills to learn. It requires a lot of flexibility, power, strength and technique. Lack of any of these will eventually make your Snatch suffer due to the technicalities associated with this technique. However, with a fine mix of accuracy, right timing, mobility and strength, you […]

Push Press Tips & Technique

“You don’t have much when it comes to shoulders, do you?” My girl friend made this statement one evening when we were at dinner some two years ago. “Shoulders? I never really thought about it, dear” I replied. She put down her glass of wine and said, “Just look around you. Look at the other […]

Jerk Technique

The Push Jerk, Power Jerk & Split Jerk Jerk Technique And Power Lifting Your jerk technique is a key component to the overall performance and success throughout your lifting career. Each jerk technique has been carefully developed to allow lifters to show off their strength, and dedication while training. These movements also help lifters to […]

Hang Clean Tips & Technique

Achieving the best Hang Clean Every workout routine can be challenging, particularly if you are just getting started. This similarly applies to strength training programs, like the hang clean. I particularly struggled with getting the correct hang clean in my first few weeks. If you do not have a good strength coach to take you […]