What Is A Crossfit WOD?

What is Crossfit

Crossfit is a form of high-intensity interval training that is made up of functional movement performed for strength and conditioning. It involves a set of varied functional-fitness exercises that are performed quickly for a set time and a set format. These actions mimic real-life movements like pulling, pushing, and squats. They usually require little or no equipment.
Crossfit exercises are highly-effective since they focus on elements of load, distance, and speed that help users develop high levels of power. These workouts minimize the use of machines and instead utilizes dumbbells, barbells, rowers, kettlebells, and rigs for pull-ups. Most of these workouts are body-weight-oriented, such as push-ups, pull-ups, jump rope, burpees and running.

The Box

Crossfit venues are referred to as “the box” instead of gyms due to their minimalistic appearance. They lack a lot of equipment like the typical gym and have a lot of space for exercise. This allows functional movement workouts similar to gymnastics, running, rowing, or weightlifting.

Acronyms Used in Crossfit

Crossfit is filled with unique acronyms and words that participants use to communicate with each other. Here are some of the most commonly used words.
• WOD (Workout of the Day). This workout is performed when you attend a Crossfit class.
• AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible). During Crossfit exercises, the clock is set to a time cap, and you complete as many rounds as possible of the workout before the time runs out.
• ATG (Ass to Grass). This term refers to a full-depth squat.
• RX (As Prescribed). Each workout in a CrossFit has prescribed weights for you to use. This acts only as a suggestion, and you can scale the workout to include lighter or heavier weights.
• EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute). This is a series of exercises that are performed for a set number of reps each minute. You then rest during the time left on the minute and the start all over again.
• Zone Diet. This is a diet based on macronutrients that CrossFit endorses.
• SQ. This term refers to squats.
• PR (personal record). This is when you reach your personal best in a given exercise.
• Ladder. This is a series of exercises where you increase the number of reps by one each time you perform them.
• Hero WOD. These are workouts named after first responders like military, law enforcement, and firefighters who have died in the line of duty.

Who is Fit For Crossfit WOD

Most CrossFit devotees say that it is fit for everyone regardless of your athletic capabilities. Kids can also be introduced to help develop balance, coordination and proper motor skills. It also promotes a healthy lifestyle as early as possible.
Crossfit targets the physical needs of a person, which vary by degree and not by kind. The workouts can be adapted to any age or condition. WODs have various variations that are tailored to fit the age and conditions of a person.
These workouts embrace the spirit of sportsmanship and competitions. Most boxes use strategic actions like posting winners on social media or keeping a scoreboard to act a motivation rather than a reward. If you are driven by competition, WOD can help you achieve fast results.

Benefits of Crossfit WOD


It is Social and Supportive

Crossfit stands out from other workout programs due to the community-building and social environment each box creates. People usually develop a bond from working and enduring together. The amount of competition experienced throughout the workouts is measured against other participants, and the competitiveness also brings out support.

It is Scalable To Your Strength and Comfort Level

Almost every exercise or movement in the program is scalable. You can adjust even the most intense exercises other experts are doing to something you are more comfortable with. For example, you can adjust the weight you stack on your barbell or use resistance bands to master a series of pull-ups until you are strong enough.

It is Dynamic

Crossfit does not consist of the same old routine over and over again. It is dynamic and constantly varied in both time domains and movements. Although each workout is different, there is a general format that includes a dynamic warm-up, mobility work, skill, and strength work, and finally wraps up with a cool-down.

It is Intense

It focuses on maximizing the amount of work done in the shortest period of time. The workouts also aim at moving the largest loads the longest distances. People joining the box must be willing to try things they have ever done before.
Intensity is vital for results, and it can be measured by dividing the work done by time or power. The output and intensity of a workout increases as you work. Participants gain dramatic fitness gains by using a constantly varied approach to training, intensity, and functional movements.

Risks involved with Crossfit WOD

The high intensity of these workouts is associated with injuries. One survey found out that about 20 percent of participants have injured themselves during workouts.

How to Reduce the Risk of Injury


Check your Form

Most injuries like rounding of the back and knee injuries occur due to a lack of stability and mobility in the hips or ankles. Rounding at the lower back stresses the muscles and ligaments with a huge load that it is not designed to handle. The knees also experience a huge load that they cannot handle when you are performing squats and deadlift.

Choose the Right Gym/Coach

Some inexperienced coaches may increase the volume of the exercise too quickly and push participants through form fatigue to complete the maximum set of reps. It is essential for cross-fitters, especially new members, to learn the correct form and only finish exercises to form fatigue. You should find an experienced and reputable box to join and focus on learning the correct form before increasing the load.

Skills learnt from Crossfit WOD


Functional Movements

These are movements that you perform every day without even knowing it, like bending over to tie your shoes. These exercises can also help you to avoid injuries in your daily life by emphasizing on flexibility training. Your muscles will be able to move with ease to accomplish daily tasks.

Race against the Clock

Crossfit exercises focus on performing as many reps as possible during a specific time frame. You can incorporate this skill into your own workouts for better performance. You can start with longer periods and then increase the timer as you progress.


Every minute on the minute workouts involves setting a timer for one minute and then doing as many exercises as you can under the minute. It helps to improve your recovery time and raise your heart rate in a short time frame.

Common Crossfit Exercises



In order to perform the squat effectively, you need to sink down, keeping your chest up while dropping your thighs parallel to the ground. There are many squat variations, but the most basic involves covering unweighted squats, back squats, overhead squats, and barbell front squats.


The deadlift has many variations, with the most basic being the conventional deadlift. It usually begins with the barbell on the floor, and then you will grab the bar from a stable position while bending your knees and back as you stand up. It is usually considered as the ultimate sign of strength.

Shoulder Press

It starts with the barbell under your chin, then push it over you your head while spreading your arms out. Return the bar safely to your initial position. It can be done while standing or seated with a dumbbell. Barbell or kettlebell.

Popular Crossfit WODs



The main objective is to complete as many rounds of the three exercises as possible. They include;
• Five handstand press-ups
• Ten single-leg squats
• Fifteen pull-ups


It aims at completing o100 reps of four different exercises in a row as quickly as possible. They include;
• One hundred pull-ups
• One hundred press-ups
• One hundred sit-ups
• One hundred squats

Home Chipper

It is a descending ladder workout that gets easier over time. It includes;
• One hundred squats
• Ninety sit-ups
• Eighty alternating lunges
• Seventy burpees
• 60-second plank
• Fifty mountain climbers
• Forty press-ups
• Thirty hollow rocks
• Twenty jump squats
• Ten hand-release press-ups


It consists of
• 21 reps of thrusters and pull-ups
• 15 reps as fast as you can


It involves doing 150 reps of wall balls as fast as you can.


Uses a combination of cardio and strength work. It includes;
• 400m run
• 21 kettle swings
• 12 pulls-ups
• Repeat three rounds under 12 minutes


It lasts for 20 minutes. It involves;
• Five pull-ups
• Ten press-ups
• 15 air squats


It usually takes a lot of time. It involves;
• One mile run
• 100 pull-ups
• 200 press-ups
• 300 air squats
• Another one-mile run


It involves five rounds of;
• 800m run
• 30 kettlebell swings
• 30 pull-ups

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