How Much Does An Elliptical Weigh? Tips To Move Elliptical Easily

An elliptical can be a great way to get in shape and lose weight. However, it’s important to note that the weight of an elliptical is not always easy to figure out. An elliptical can be a great way to get in shape and stay healthy. The average weight of an elliptical is about 100-150 pounds, but that all depends on the model you choose. You want to make sure that your elliptical will fit in the space you have designated for it. 

This guide will help you determine how much your new or used elliptical weighs so you can make sure it fits in your home before purchasing!

What is an elliptical machine?

An elliptical is a piece of exercise equipment that is often referred to as an elliptical trainer or cross trainer. It’s typically composed of two pedals, handlebars and a console with various features like heart rate monitoring and workout programs. It can also come in three different types: front drive (traditional), rear drive (front-drive fans say it helps mimic the feel of running) and mid-drive (this design minimizes wear on the machine).

How much does an elliptical weigh?

Most ellipticals weigh roughly 100-150 pounds, but there are several models that weigh less. Weight can vary depending on if the machine has a front drive, rear drive or mid-drive design. Some machines are made for home use while others are intended to be used in commercial gyms.

Types of elliptical machines and its weight

  • Compact elliptical machines are typically about 50-75 lbs.
  • Basic elliptical are around 100-125 lbs.
  • Commercial grade are between 150-180 lbs.
  • Home models are usually under 200 lbs, but it depends on the model you purchase.

Ellipticals vary in weight depending on the brand, type of machine and console features they offer. Most ellipticals weigh around 100 -150 pounds, but there are compact versions that weigh less than 70 pounds! 

List of popular elliptical machine’s weigh

  • The Sole E25 elliptical weighs 147 pounds
  • The NordicTrack C 700 weighs 193 pounds  
  • The Schwinn A40 Elliptical Trainer weighs 155 pounds.

If you’re thinking of buying one to use at home, be careful which equipment you pick up because not all ellipticals are this heavy.

The average weight of all models is 141.09 lbs (64 kg) so if you plan to move yours around frequently check its weight before purchasing it. Also keep in mind that some people find certain ellipticals to be far too heavy or impractical to move, especially if they’re made for commercial use.

The only way to know the weight of a specific elliptical is to read the manufacturer’s guide and specifications provided on their website or manual. The amount can vary depending on various factors such as how it was constructed and where the materials came from, which aren’t covered in this article.

Factors affect the weight of an elliptical

These are some of the main factors that would impact how much an elliptical weighs:

* The size of the machine

* Materials used

* Whether it is front, rear or mid-drive

* Additional features like workout programs and heart rate monitoring

Each elliptical is unique and has its own weight, so it’s important to consider all of the factors before your purchase.

Tips to move your elliptical easily

Moving an elliptical can be difficult depending on how big it is and where you want to move it.

Here are some tips to help:

* Find someone who can help you with the job – It definitely helps if at least one person knows what they’re doing! If not, ask a friend or family member for assistance (this will make things go much more smoothly)

* Remove any accessories like DVDs or water bottles from the machine

* Assemble the elliptical in its original packaging as this may make it lighter and easier to carry

* Use a hand truck, furniture dolly, or a piece of plywood if you don’t have a truck

* Make sure the floor is clear of anything that would be damaged or broken by the weight of the elliptical

Some owners prefer to purchase moving equipment. There are several companies that sell sliders for inexpensive prices – these can be just as helpful as hiring a professional mover! If this isn’t an option, find someone who will help you move your elliptical. This can be a tricky job and it’s important to avoid injury.

When should I avoid using the elliptical ?

If you have any medical conditions, injuries or are pregnant, it’s important to check with your doctor before using an elliptical. Also, if you are under the age of 13 or over the age of 65 consult a physician before use.

Please note that cardio exercise for a healthy heart and body will vary depending on intensity, speed, duration, your age and fitness level.


How much does a NordicTrack elliptical weigh?

A NordicTrack elliptical weighs around 193 pounds.

What is the weight limit for an elliptical machine?

The general rule is that women should not exceed 275 pounds while men should remain below 325 pounds when using any cardio equipment (treadmills, bikes, rowers etc.). This will help ensure your safety while doing your workouts because it puts less pressure on your body. Check with the manufacturer to determine the maximum user capacity based on your body type.

How much does an elliptical machine with 30 programs weigh?

The Life Fitness Club Series ME 7.0 Treadmill weighs 135 pounds.

How much does a Schwinn elliptical machine with 22 workout programs and speakers on the console weigh?

A Schwinn A40 Elliptical Trainer weighs 155 pounds.

What happens if I do elliptical everyday?

It’s best to do your workouts 4-5 days a week, with at least one rest day in between. Be sure to start at a low intensity and increase your speed or resistance as you get stronger. If you feel any pain or discomfort stop exercising immediately and contact your physician.

How do you move a heavy elliptical upstairs?

The best way to move a big and heavy elliptical upstairs (or downstairs) is with the help of an equipment mover. These simple devices can be purchased online or at your local sporting goods store. They save you time and effort by allowing you to lift, push or pull any piece of exercise equipment in any direction without straining yourself.

Is it safe for people over 65 to use an elliptical machine?

Elderly users must pay attention when working out on their elliptical machines because this might not be suitable for them. Individuals have different fitness levels so seniors should take extra care when finding the right intensity level and speed during each workout session.

Is it safe for pregnant women to use an elliptical machine?

Pregnant women should always check with their doctor before using any type of exercise equipment. Pregnancy puts a lot of stress on the body so it’s important to have someone assist you when assembling your elliptical.

Can an elliptical fit in a SUV?

Some ellipticals can be folded and placed in the trunk, but others might need to be disassembled and put together again once they reach their final destination. It’s important to measure your vehicle before purchasing an elliptical – make sure there’s enough room for it!

Final thought

We hope this article has been helpful in answering your questions about how much does an elliptical weigh. There are many factors that affect the weight of your machine, so make sure you know what type of equipment it is before you go shopping for a new one. The only way to move your elliptical more easily is with some helpful tips from professionals on this blog post! If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us and we will be happy to help.