How To Stop Elliptical From Squeaking? Reasons & Fixing Guide

The elliptical is a great piece of exercise equipment, but it has one problem. No one likes to hear the squeak of their elliptical. It can be distracting, annoying, and embarrassing. Ellipticals are great for burning calories, but it sounds like they need a little more lubrication to make them feel better.

The squeaking sound that comes from the machine when in use can be bothersome to some users. Luckily there are solutions to fix this problem!

In this post we will go over a few reasons for why the elliptical may be squeaking and some tips on how you can stop your elliptical from squeaking so you can get back on your workout routine without any pesky interruptions.

1. What are the reasons for elliptical squeaking?

There are a few reasons for why you may be experiencing squeaking with your elliptical. Most commonly, the it is because of the lack of lubrication on the moving parts. This tends to be fixed easily by applying some lubrication or replacement of certain parts. Another common reason for an elliptical to make noise is due to loose bolts and screws. Tightening up loose bolts and screws is another quick fix for stopping the squeaking of your machine.

Another issue could be that the feet of the elliptical are not solidly on the floor, which can cause them to move while in use. This movement can also make noise from rubbing against the bottom of the machine. Fixing this common problem is done by adjusting or replacing bad parts to make sure all parts are secure, steady, and durable.

2. How to fix squeaky elliptical?

After establishing some reasons for why your machine might be making noise it’s time to find out how you can stop your machine from making these noises! Here are our top tips:

-To begin, check if any bolts or screws have been loosened recently. In order to tighten these parts of your elliptical, you will need a wrench and screwdriver. If there has been no activity on the machine lately it is common that users adjust settings or move parts that can cause loose bolts or screws. Try tightening anything that looks loose and see if this fixes the noise problem

-If after trying to tighten any of these items up you are still having difficulties finding where the sound is coming from try applying some lubrication to all moving parts of your machine. There are many different options when it comes to lube but we recommend WD40

-In addition, make sure all parts on your machine are sturdy and secured properly. In order for the machine to be on the safe side it is best to not move the machine while in use. Doing this can make screws, bolts, or parts come loose which can cause squeaking noises to occur

-Also check for any debris around the feet of the elliptical. If you see any dust or dirt use a cloth to clean off these areas that could be causing the noise

3. Prevention Tips on preventing your elliptical from making noise

-As mentioned before, many users like to adjust settings and move parts when they are using their machine. Although there isn’t anything wrong with doing these things, it can lead to some serious damage if done too frequently. Try limiting movement/adjustments as much as possible so bars don’t become loose, screws don’t come loose, and bolts don’t start to wear out

-Make sure the machine you are using is on a flat surface that will not move while in use. This can cause parts on the elliptical to become unstable which can lead to squeaking noises

-After routinely using your machine try applying lubricant or oil to all moving parts of your elliptical. Wipe off excess lube after application so it doesn’t get onto the floor or other components. A common mistake people make is not readjusting their machines back into place after applying lubrication which causes too much buildup where they are applying it

4. FAQs about fixing an elliptical that is squeaky

Q: What are some things I should look for when trying to stop squeaky elliptical?


-Check for any bolts or screws that might be loose. Tighten if necessary

-Apply lubricant/oil to all moving parts of your machine; wipe excess oil after application

-Make sure the machine is placed on a flat, steady surface when in use

Q: How often should I apply lubrication/oil to my machine?

A: If you are trying to reduce the amount of noise your machine makes then we recommend applying it once a week. On average most users do not need to apply this as frequently but it depends on how much you use your elliptical and what type of environment it is being applied in

Q: Should I turn off my elliptical when not in use?

A: It is best to turn off your machine while not in use so it does not wear down any components that could lead to the unit becoming damaged or broken

Q: How do I go about cleaning my machine?

A: The easiest way to clean your elliptical is by using a dry cloth. Wipe parts of the elliptical that are hard to get to so they remain free of dust and other particles

Q: What type of lubrication should I use?

A: Any kind of oil or lubricant that is specifically designed for moving parts is compatible with most ellipticals. WD40 or other similar products are great to use

Q: How do I lubricate my elliptical?

A: There are many different ways to lubricate your elliptical machine. Some people like to use oil while others like to spray the lubricant onto their machine. Either option is effective

5. Common mistakes people make when trying to fix their noisy machine

-Not tightening loose bolts or screws that could cause parts to wear down and become less tight. If you tighten these components it can stop squeaks from occurring

-Applying too much oil/lube which causes the excess to drip onto other parts of the elliptical, possibly causing damage

6. Helpful tips on how to keep your machine quiet and running smoothly:

-Apply lubricant/oil once a week to all moving parts of your elliptical. Wipe excess lube after application to prevent dripping

-If you notice any areas where there might be debris try cleaning off these areas with a cloth before using your elliptical again

-Limit movement when in use so different parts do not loosen up due to movement

-Check for any loose parts in addition to tightening them when you notice they might be loose. Apply lubricant/oil if necessary

-After using your machine wipe it down or clean off excess sweat before storage so it doesn’t get on other components and cause damage


We hope you’ve found this guide to fixing an elliptical squeak helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

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And if all else fails, do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer of your machine–they can often help troubleshoot problems over the phone without the need for repair parts or service visits. Happy exercising!

-Sincerely, the Mike’s Gym Team 🙂