Top 11 Best Compact Elliptical For Small Spaces In 2022


The Best Compact Elliptical For Small Spaces Reviews in 2021 – Buying Guides

If you are looking for best compact elliptical for small spaces, this is the buying guide for you to choose the most space saving elliptical. There are many different types of ellipticals available on the market today and it can be hard to know which one will work best in your space. This blog post will help you find the perfect machine that suits your needs! 

Best Compact Elliptical For Small Spaces

A lot of people are looking for small elliptical machines because they don’t have the space to store bulky equipment. But it’s important to note that not all compact models are created equal, and some might be perfect for you while others would make your workout miserable.

That’s why we’ve put together this buying guide with a list of six top picks in different price ranges so you can find one that fits your needs best. It includes tips on what features may suit certain individuals better than others  Read on! 

With these tips, we hope to make your search easier and help you find something great! If there’s anything else we can do to answer any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re happy to help!

Read on to discover the list of best compact elliptical for small spaces

Table of Contents

Top 11 best compact elliptical for small spaces in 2021

#1 – Schwinn 411 Compact Elliptical Machine – Best overall & highly recommend


It can be challenging to find the space for a home fitness machine that will take up less than ½ of your living room, but not with this elliptical. Read on to find out why we put this one in the top list of best compact elliptical you should buy in 2022.

The SCHWINN Fitness 411 Compact Elliptical Machine will make your workouts more efficient and fun. Ideal for small apartments or hotel rooms, this low-impact cardio machine has an 18″ stride length to maximize calorie burn.

With 16 levels of variable resistance you can adjust the challenge to match your fitness level, which is ideal if you want a quick blast of exercise every day or prefer to take it at a slower pace with less intensity.

The compact design comes with moving and fixed padded handlebars that fit most people’s height preferences without compromising the elliptical experience; there are embroidered heart rate contact grips on each side in case you wear wrist straps while working out or you simply prefer one side over another during use.

Track time, speed, distance, and calories burned with the large LCD display, which adjusts to your position to avoid any backlight glare. As an added convenience, this machine comes pre-assembled for quick and easy setup and use. You also get a lifetime warranty on the frame and three years on parts and electronics.

Best Features:

  • 22 preset workout programs including nine heart rate control options
  • Eight levels of incline/ decline
  • 16 resistance levels
  • 18” stride length so you can do your training in your small bedroom or small space for sure


  • The product came very well packed and with easy-to follow instructions.
  • This model is compact, feels smooth and quiet.
  • Easy to move around if necessary
  • Sturdy (especially for the footprint).
  • provides an intense workout for beginners and advance exercisers.
  • Easy to set up,  Sturdy (especially for the footprint).
  • high resistance for the bottom of the machine.
  • Tablet fits nicely on the stand


  • This elliptical machine has a high resistance on the lowest setting, but it does not affect impact as much as exertion.
  • It’s hard to ignore the squeak when you’re in a high-volume setting, but just add some more lube and it goes away.

Bottom Line:

The Schwinn 411 Compact Elliptical Machine is perfect for anyone who wants a comfortable elliptical workout in a small space at an affordable price point. It’s perfect for beginners or advanced users since it has different workouts that you can choose from depending on how much effort you want to put into your exercise session.

#2 – Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 – Best customer-rated


You will never have an excuse to skip a workout again. This amazing elliptical cross trainer is easy to use, has 8 levels of resistance and has an LCD display monitor which monitors your time, speed, distance covered, calories burned, pulse intensity with its 8 level adjustable magnetic tension control system–making it the perfect fit for any type of user!

As you work out on this machine that includes features like calibrating design levers w/ an LED light panel; cushioned rubber-covered pedals; foot straps holders; integrated handlebars along with soft grip pads for extra comfort.

Standing on top of the foam pad during your exercise session will help reduce stress on joints and bones by decreasing the impact of your feet with each stride.

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Elliptical Machine Cross Trainer with 8 Level Resistance is a commercial grade machine that delivers. Feel the power of the powerful inertia resistance mechanism, which will help you tone and strengthen your muscles fast – without ever taking a step!

This machine has been specially designed for compact living spaces to ensure it doesn’t take up too much room in your bedroom or basement.

The stabilizer kit features four elastic straps that’ll level out bumps in the road so you can stay nice and steady on this bike. Your body will thank you when you upgrade from a sitting desk lifestyle, one workout at time!

So there is no strange when the Sunny SF-E905 is the runner up in list of best compact elliptical for you to buy.

Best features & benefits

  • This monitor tracks a person’s time, speed, distance and calories burned
  • The 8 levels of magnetic resistance on this machine will adjust automatically to keep your workout challenging and effective.
  • Pulse sensors monitor and maintain your target heart rate.
  • Full motion arm exercisers make it easier to exercise.
  • Sunny Health & Fitness Handlebars are padded and non-slip, which helps prevent calluses.
  • Oversized non-slip foot plates ensure safe footing during the most demanding vigorous workouts.
  • The wheels at the front of this machine allow it to be shifted to different locations easily.


  • The elliptical is a machine with many functions, including miles traveled and time.
  • It’s small enough to fit in a living room and can be used while watching TV.
  • Very easy to put together (sturdy), quiet and smooth;
  • A small trainer with light design for smaller people.
  • This elliptical is easy to assemble, isn’t very noisy after all this time, and has held up better than expected.
  • Extremely quiet


  • The machine is good for short people, but not so much taller ones.
  • This product is well engineered and easy to assemble, but the stride length may not be ideal for everyone.
  • The pedals can be uncomfortable if swapping between forward/back
  • The attachment of the fly wheel tension cable was hard to do and Sunny needs to improve it.

#3 – EFITMENT Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer – Best budget optimal


The compact design of the EFITMENT Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer ensures a tight spot in your home will accommodate the enjoyable total body workout from this smooth power machine. Customizable speed, distance and calorie measurements from the LCD monitor make it easy for anyone to maintain motivation during their fitness routine.

The EFITMENT Magnetic is the best compact elliptical machine that delivers a smooth, flowing motion with sustainable resistance levels. The trainer’s ergonomic design provides some of the same cardiovascular benefits as running without putting pressure on your knees.

Its Pulse Rate Grips is perfect for those who want to improve their cardiovascular endurance, respitory endurance, and fat burning. Operating by magnetic resistance, this product has a belt driven flywheel ensuring quiet usage with pulse rate monitoring built into the stationary bars.

The LCD monitor shows current time you have been running or exercising as well as distance traveled during workout.

Benefits include: 

  • Compact size saves space around the house or office 
  • Provides an all over workout that strengthens both upper and lower body at one time 
  • Pulse monitor provides feedback to make sure the user never pushes themselves too hard
  • Does not require batteries to operate

Key features

  • Provides a total whole body workout that strengthens both upper and lower body at once
  • Magnetic resistance ensures low impact on joints and muscles and makes it easier on beginners
  • Pulse monitor provides feedback so the user never pushes themselves
  • Safer on the knees and incorporates more upper body movement. 
  • Help you achieve your fitness goals and feel better than ever about yourself.
  • A smooth, quiet workout that is easier on the joints.
  • Hand pulse sensors to help monitor your heart rate.
  • Get a total body workout with no impact on your knees.
  • Burn fat and tone muscles in an effective way


  • Surprisingly good for the price.
  • Perfect for people who are 5’7″ or shorter, but it may not be suitable if you’re taller than 6′.
  • This is a solid product, easy to install. The elliptical can be used for workouts that are shorter and burn more calories
  • Great elliptical machine, works good without noise.
  • This elliptical is a good buy for the price.
  • The machine is easy to install and will help you burn more calories by exercising on it for 30 minutes.


  • This manual elliptical machine is not for taller people
  • The elliptical only moves a small path, which is good for your thighs but not so much for other parts of your body.
  • The flywheel is making a loud noise and the belt has become frayed.

Bottom line: No matter how tight the space, their small size saves you both money and room. They also provide all body work so there’s no need to use more than one piece of cardio equipment.

The EFITMENT Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer is perfect for those who want an all over body workout using the proven elliptical motion, but don’t want to hurt their knees or joints. The magnetic resistance allows users more freedom of use and better control over the intensity of their workout.

This makes it ideal for those who are just starting out with ellipticals as well as those who had experienced before and need a low impact option.

#10 – Stamina 55-1602 Inmotion Elliptical – Cheapest but High-Quality Option

The Stamina 55-1602 InMotion Elliptical gives you the opportunity to burn calories and shape up your core, lower body, and upper body as needed. It is easy to transport this mini strider without taking up too much of space around the house or office.

This elliptical trainer allows its users to obtain multiple different types of workouts through it’s three different types of movements: pedaling for 45 minutes can bring about a 432 calorie burning on average (standing on level one), muscle toning (sitting on level two), and full workout (standing on level three).

This machine produces very little noise due to its chain drive transmission that only adds 20 decibels volume into an area with 85decibels outside noise such as rain and wind.

It comes with a padded seat and handles that you can use to optimize the machine’s overall intensity by using hand grips and alternating hand positions for upper body strengthening and toning. This elliptical trainer is the cheapest on the market but still has high quality components, such as its 8-level magnetic resistance system.

The Stamina 55-1602 Inmotion Elliptical is one of the most cutting edge exercise machines on the market. With three color options, you can customize your machine to fit your style.

It also has a weight limit of 250 pounds, which is perfect for gamers who want to play video games while they work out on this amazing innovation in fitness equipment.

Key features

  • Adjustable tension dial
  • Multi-function monitor
  • Can be used sitting or standing
  • Forward or reverse motion
  • Textured pedals
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Compact design (24×17.5 in) makes for easy, portable workout


  • Its size is perfect for narrow desk
  • The elliptical is heavy to carry from the parking lot, but it’s easy to use when sitting.
  • The elliptical is a convenient way to exercise, can go anywhere with you and doesn’t make any noise.
  • A valuable tool for those looking to lose weight while working at a desk.
  • This machine is lightweight and easy to use.


The only things to note when considering the purchase of this device are if you have bad knees, it is a bike-like design so might be uncomfortable under a desk

#11 – body power 2-in-1 Elliptical Stepper Trainer with Curve-Crank Technology – Best 2 in 1 Functional Cardio Machine

The Curve-Crank Trainer takes all the benefits of a stepper training machine, and distributes them to an elliptical trainer. With constant tension on each axis, you can get the most out of your workout with this technique.

In the few seconds, you will see clearly the magic about this 2-in-1 cardio machine can do for your health and why we put it in the top 5 of best compact elliptical. 

You’ll also have an easier time adjusting resistance levels while staying comfortable during your run thanks to its ergonomic crank design, which allows you to change easily without interruption. The trainer is shaped like a figure eight – how cool!

It features an LCD screen that displays calories burned, time spent running or walking, speed at which you are moving at, distance covered during exercise session for both laps walked or ran in kilometers/meters, total number of steps taken so far in current exercise session

This machine is tailored to the needs of people living in small apartments without space for workouts at home.

The running surface is also adjustable – meaning that users of all heights can adjust the workout machines stride length according to their preferences. This elliptical trainer is good quality, cheap and compact. It has an innovative design so you won’t have any problems storing it away when you don’t use it .

It’s very smooth, comfortable to use and silent so will not disturb others viewing programs they are watching on TV / playing games they are interested in. If you are spending long hours sitting in front of your computer, this machine will help you with postural problems like back pain.

The stepper is great for tiny houses or people who live in flats/apartments where space is limited. It’s also very quiet when in use which makes it the perfect machine to use while watching TV.

It does not take up much space and can be easily moved around or put away when not being used. You can set different levels of resistance so it becomes suitable for all fitness levels. Also, the foot plates are designed ergonomically to fit more securely on your feet making them more stable than conventional elliptical machines..

The oval path of the 2-in-1 elliptical stepper trainer with Curve-Crank Technology targets the core muscles in the body through synchronized handlebars. With a compact design, this one is perfect for anyone looking to workout in their bedroom or fitness room.

This exercise machine has many benefits that are easily accessible thanks to its modern design, patented curve-crank technology, transport rollers, and LCD screen.

With the ovals paths you can target your quadriceps and glutes while also targeting your hamstrings with steep hills on our incline spiral ramp. The complete range of motion provides an intense workout without spending valuable time stationary in one position.

Key features

  • Exclusive Curve-Crank Technology for ultra smooth and zero impact that overcomes discomfort
  • Combines 2 exercise machine movements in 1: Elliptical Trainer + Stepper Machine
  • Simple and straightforward LCD computer w/ built in Media Shelf
  • 8-level of resistance control
  • Equipped with front rollers for easy relocation
  • 2 sets of built-in foot pedals with flat, open-back platforms and angled


  • The machine is easy to set up, the quality is worth the price, and it gives you a nice workout.
  • It’s smooth and silent, doesn’t take up much space.
  • This elliptical is a great purchase, and the assembly process is simple.
  • This elliptical stepper is sturdy, not noisy, and easy to assemble.
  • Easy to assemble and takes up very little space in the living room.


  • The assembly process for this elliptical machine is time consuming for some people.
  • The price was good and the machine seems sturdy so far; however, there is no back light in the display monitor which made reading things difficult in an already dark room
  • The machine is a bit shaky when in use after a long time.

#4 – Sunny Health & Fitness Elliptical Cardio Climber – Best for cardio climber function


The Elliptical Climber Cross Trainer Machine with Step from Sunny Health & Fitness is a versatile equipment that combines the best of stepping and striding. This heavy-duty machine has a sturdy steel frame that holds up to 260 lbs. It also features a smooth belt drive mechanism, 14 lb inertia-ready flywheel, and pulse sensors grips so you can accurately track your workout performance.

This unit has lots of good features that you will love later on. Therefore, this product is one of the best compact elliptical for small spaces that you should consider to buy.

Sunny Health & Fitness will have you performing at peak capacity in no time because it’s easy to use and their manufacturers are dedicated to providing quality quality fitness products for all ages and fitness levels. The Elliptical Climber Cross Trainer Machine with Step is the perfect addition to any shared space like apartment living or dormitory housing with its soundless operation!

Key features

– You’ll be able to work your whole body, not just one part.

– You can monitor progress with the included LCD monitor.

– Tone up and slim down in a way that fits into your life. 

– Get an intense workout without breaking the bank.

– Burn up to 400 calories in just 30 minutes. 

– Work out with intensity and efficiency.

– Get a full body workout at home or on the go. 

– Tone your muscles for a summer bod you’ll be proud of!


  • The assembly was easy, even for someone who can’t change a flat tire.
  • The Climber is a great workout machine that does not make any noise and displays how much time has passed.
  • The monitor is large and easy to read.
  • best for home use because it is quite, smooth strides.


  • Be careful not to cut the cord, as it’s hard to distinguish from other plastic ties.
  • The resistance could be higher.

#5 – Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical Machine – Best value for money


You’ll love the Sunny Health Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical Machine Foot Pedal Exerciser. It has a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to move around your office space. Plus, its 8 levels of resistance will help you work on your muscle strength and endurance while still maintaining a low-impact workout.

The digital monitor includes speed, time elapsed, distance pedaled and calorie expenditure tracking functions; or you can use the scan function to switch between metrics during workouts for added efficiency. And with circulation-improving magnetic resistance designed by NASA scientists in mind—the machine is both innovative and user-friendly! So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to this essential piece of equipment that’s perfect for long hours at the desk without sacrificing your health!

If you are seeking for something affordable and quality, you should consider the Sunny Health as the best compact elliptical for small spaces to buy.

Key features

– Prevent slippage. 

– 8 levels of magnetic resistance. 

– Digital monitor tracks speed, time, calories, distance and scan. 

– Fit under most desks. 

– Low profile elliptical will fit under most desks


  • This is really perfect under desk elliptical to do some exercise while you are still working on the computer.
  • It’s sturdy and very smooth while using it.
  • This is a great invention that worth buying with this price range .
  • You can’t get a similar machine in the market with such affordable price l ike this one .
  • The warranty for this product is 1 year and 6 months, the best warranty in the market.


  • This model is not very space-efficient, but it does provide a good workout.
  • The product makes a constant clacking sound while in use.

#6 – Cubii JR1 Seated Under Desk Elliptical Machine for Home – Excellent product for small space


The Cubii is the world’s first compact under-desk elliptical bike. It allows users to pedal away while doing office work or rehabilitating injuries at home. The quiet, adjustable 8-level resistance lets you adjust intensity so you can ramp up workouts as your strength increases over time. A whisper quiet mini exercise bike that pedals for you!

The display will tell you how many calories burned, distance pedaled and strides with your speed in miles per hour. You can also track Wi Fi usage on the digital monitor which has USB power outputs to charge devices like smart phones and tablets. 

It’s portable design makes it easy to move around but still sturdy enough to stay balanced even during an intense workout session; users control movement with the adjustable resistance and speed controls on the pedal. This is why it’s a good candidate for our list of best compact elliptical 

Key features

– Provides low impact exercise for seniors or those with limited mobility. 

– The adjustable resistance will help you achieve the desired level of intensity. 8 levels of smooth magnetic resistance.

– Silent operation; users control movement with adjustable resistance and speed controls on the pedal. 

– Low profile design, perfect for small spaces!  

– Equipped with an adjustable console so it will fit any height between 4’7” and 6’5” tall.  

-Improves circulation and reduces leg pain.


  • The product is small and can still provide enough motion to be effective, what’s a good space saving elliptical.
  • The pedals are flat so that the ball of your feet is pushed into it instead of touching the floor or desk.
  • Smooth and steady operation
  • Completely silent.
  • Perfect for the office


  • The Bluetooth feature may be disappointing.

#7 – jfit Under Desk & Stand Up Mini Elliptical/Stepper w/Adjustable Angle

JFit Under Desk Elliptical Stepper with a height-adjustable stand, the JFit is a compact and lightweight device that allows you to work out while sitting or standing at your desk.

Combining resistance from an elliptical trainer (by putting tension on your feet) and steps (by moving your legs up and down), this sleek machine will make staying in shape more convenient than ever before.

A premium 1050 monitor records time, distance, speed, calories burned, pedaling strokes per minute for an even better understanding of how long you’ve stayed active. 

The specially designed wider cushioned foot pedals cushion all pressure points on the bottom of your feet while simultaneously increasing heel placement stability which effectively reduces most types of back pain and foot cramping (especially while standing and walking).

Have you feel tired of sitting all day? jfit helps you get that exercise you need without leaving your desk. This is also the #1 reason it’s placed in list of best compact elliptical to buy for 2022.

Browse the internet, talk on the phone, or take care of email while staying healthy with this jFit under desk elliptical stepper. It’s super quiet and small but mighty.

The perfect way to get in a good workout during work hours so you don’t have to worry about fitting time in later! Magnetic tension dial ensures no part is too hard which helps break up any potential monotony while keeping your muscles properly exercised.

Also great for seniors who are looking for an easy way to stay active- forget walking around the block when you can easily keep your legs moving!!

Key features

  • The mini elliptical has patented pedals which allow you to exercise on the machine whether standing or sitting.
  • The LCD monitor on the treadmill rotates and displays various statistics depending on whether you are standing, sitting, or running.
  • The jFit under desk elliptical stepper is great for all ages, sizes, and fitness levels.
  • Compact design easily tucks away under your office desk or cubicle at work to keep you active while working. 
  • Constructed with durability in mind using the highest quality materials available  to ensure a long product life.  


  • More enjoyable workout that is perfect for those who are too busy to go outside
  • Low impact exercise
  • Easy on joints
  • Super quite as advertised
  • The lube helps to avoid noise complaints


  • Pre-lubricating the roller coaster track would make assembly difficult, so it is better to use a spray lubricant.
  • The info display is difficult to read when it’s under the desk/un-lit/at an awkward angle.

#8 – Bowflex M8 Max Trainer Series

If you’re finding a premium option for best compact elliptical but still be space saving, then The Bowflex M8 Max Trainer Series offers a space-saving design as well as many interactive capabilities through its Full-Color Backlit Display and Magnetic Media Rack for Tablet or Smartphone.

Take your workouts to the next level anywhere you go with Bluetooth Heart Rate Compatibility and Integrated Contact Grips, and indulge in 50+ Global Routes that Auto Adjust In Real Time to Your Speed. Discover the world and experience every destination from the comfort of your living room!

The Bowflex JRNY, M8 Max Trainer Series is the place to start on your journey of health. Built with smart-buyers in mind for those who are just beginning, this machine can be used effortlessly by beginners and has some truly unique features not found anywhere else.

For example, you can customize your workouts on the JRNY App to have it fit into your life so seamlessly that you barely know it’s there! Or how about taking a moment to think about all the space you’ll be saving?

It’s easy to roll around any corner with only 12″ of vertical clearance requirement which means it can even go under doors! What will happen when you finally commit?

You’ll be working out like never before and quickly lose weight while gaining muscle too. All while making your house feel so much bigger!

Key Features

  • The Bowflex M8 Max Trainer Series will save you both space and time by allowing you to get a total body workout in just 20 minutes per day, 3 days a week.
  • Innovative award-winning design is built with wireless connectivity and an app that helps increase the convenience of having a home gym.
  • Comes with options to add bluetooth speakers and/or an iPod compatible dock for more versatility when exercising at home. 
  •  There is also storage compartments on the top and bottom of machine where you can keep your phone or other small items during workouts.


  • The Bowflex Max Trainer is a fitness machine that allows you to work your entire body in less than 14 minutes.
  • It was easy to assemble and seems very sturdy.
  • Assembly of the item is easy and clear with a YouTube video.
  • It is of high quality and solid.


  • Only 2 programs included – 14 min interval or free mode
  • The tray for your phone is not a good idea because of how sweat quickly accumulates.

#9 – NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle – Best Commercial Elliptical for Small Spaces

The NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle is well-suited for personal trainers, fitness centers, or anyone who needs to offer patrons a professional indoor cycling experience.

Covered with durable steel tubing and utilizing SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance, this cycle delivers a smooth workout every time without the noise of traditional models.

With 24 digital resistance levels and -10 to 20 percent LIVE Incline Matching technology, you can control your workout completely–and with 350 pounds user weight capacity it’s perfect for different size users!

With a 30-Day iFIT Family Membership Included, this NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle is now yours to use as often as you wish with up to 5 family members that can each track their own stats.

An Interactive HD Touchscreen Display that not only provides Global Workouts & Studio Classes but also streams live and on demand content directly from your device, controlling your cycle is easier than ever before –adjustable display allows for 360 degree rotation of the screen.

Collecting all data you need is a synched touchscreen interface complete with a 24 digital resistance level system and -10 to 20% LIVE Incline Matching technology for quick setup time and maximum comfort.

Get in shape, wherever you are with ease. The NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle keeps up like your favorite fitness instructor- your workouts get more challenging without changing intensity or adding weight to the bike’s flywheel.

Never take the easy way out again; get creative and finish strong with an incline that feels just right for you while maximizing every workout on the clock!

Key features

  • The bike’s resistance, incline and decline can be changed in real-time
  • Trainers Who Move You is a streaming service that allows you to exercise in your own home, and they will adjust the resistance for an immersive experience.
  • Endless Training Variety offers a wide array of workouts to help people live healthy and well-rounded lives.
  • A fully-adjustable 22″ HD touchscreen allows you to exercise on your bike and follow along with classes off of the device.


  • It takes 30 minutes to install the NordicTrack, and it is easy to use.
  • The iFit bike lets you update the interface and schedule workouts on your phone.
  • This machine has incline and is faster than the competition.
  • Great System


  • The bike seems to check more boxes than the Peloton, but the ifit membership is not as robust.
  • The bike is heavy, so assembling it requires two people.
  • Bluetooth pairing on this bike is not easy to set up, and the app is worse.

Buying guide on how to find the best compact elliptical for small spaces

Whether you’re looking for an exercise machine that is quick and easy to store or just want the convenience of a small footprint, many people are turning to compact ellipticals. Make sure you buy the best compact elliptical for small spaces on the market place.

These space saving elliptical machines offer all the benefits of traditional elliptical trainers but in a smaller package. With so many choices out there, it can be difficult to find one that has everything you need.

best compact elliptical

To help make your decision easier we’ve put together this buying guide on how to find the best compact elliptical for small spaces.

We’ll discuss what makes a good compact elliptical and how to identify them in stores so that you can make an informed purchase decision. 

1. The size of the machine

Size is the main characteristic people think about when looking for a compact elliptical. But it isn’t just about how much space you have, it’s also about:

How long you want to stride The weight and size of the machine How much noise it makes

The first two factors are mainly about personal preference. If you want a small stride and you’re a shorter person, then that’s what you should get.

Most of the best compact elliptical for small spaces should have a variety of sizes that buyers can choose from.

2. The weight capacity of the machine

When looking at weight capacity, again it’s worth considering what you’re using the elliptical for. For example, if you’re a taller individual and want to use the machine to run on, then you’ll need more than if you just wanted an elliptical for light toning exercises.

You can read our post about running on an elliptical for more information. 

weight capacity of the machine

You should attend on this factor about the weight capacity when choosing best compact elliptical because we want to make sure the machine can load all of our family member’s weight.

3. The resistance settings

As with any piece of exercise equipment, the higher the resistance levels, the better your workout will be and the more intense it can be.

Most compact ellipticals offer anywhere from two to four resistance setting which is usually enough to get a good sweat going! Depending on how much you want to spend, you can get a space saving elliptical machine that offers 16 levels of resistance or more.

Make sure you check the resistance because the best compact elliptical for small spaces should have this feature.

4. Adjustable Stride Length

As with any elliptical trainer this is an important factor when it comes to comfort and getting the most out of your workout. This feature is often overlooked because people are so caught up in getting something small, but it’s a great way to maximize the effectiveness of your workout.

5. How many programs it has and how they are set up

Every piece of exercise equipment comes with programs but they are not all created equal. Some ellipticals will have one pre-set workout that you aren’t able to adjust, while others come with multiple workouts that can be customized how you want them.

This gives you more flexibility and lets you tailor your workout to fit your needs!

6. Digital readouts for heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled ,etc…

Most of the best compact elliptical for small spaces should have the following features: digital readouts for heart rate, calories burned…

Any program you choose will have a certain level of intensity. For the most effective workout, you should be working at your target heart rate zone.

In order to do this, many small elliptical machine for home come with digital readouts that display things like time elapsed, speed, distance traveled and calories burned so you can keep track of all these important things as you work out!

Digital readouts for heart rate

In addition to the six factors discussed above, other key features to look for in a best compact elliptical include:

  • Accessory tray
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Connectability (to an app) and/or USB port and compatibility
  • Travel wheels and transportation handles
  • Weight capacity up to 300 pounds
  • Pivoting foot pedals
  • Wheels for easy movement
  • Quality warranty
  • Price

FAQs about best compact elliptical for small spaces

By answering the following questions, you can come to the best choice on the best compact elliptical for small spaces. Make sure you read all these questions and answers carefully before making your final decision.

Are compact ellipticals worth it?


Compact ellipticals are great for small spaces. Some people don’t even need to store them because they can fit under their bed or in a closet. This option is perfect if you want the benefits of an elliptical, but your space is limited.

Can you lose weight with a mini elliptical?


Since there is no impact with a mini elliptical, you won’t lose weight by using one. But you will improve your cardiovascular health and tone up all the major muscle groups in your legs, hips, and core. 

In this article, we’ve helped you find out the best compact elliptical and if you want to max out your weight loss result, you should try this Cross trainer workout with free plans & actionable tips we provide.

Would I get the same workout from a compact elliptical as from a larger machine?


No, a compact elliptical won’t provide the same workout as a full-sized one. You’ll be working out your major muscle groups and improving your cardiovascular health but you won’t burn as many calories or tone up as much. It’s comparable to riding a bicycle, whereas on an elliptical it’s more like running.

If you need more of a workout though, you can try adding weight training to your routine. But remember, it’s important to exercise all major muscle groups with cardio exercises like elliptical workouts in order to get the most out of your workout.

Which is better an elliptical or a stepper?


It’s a similar answer for this as with the mini elliptical versus a full-sized one question. They both have their benefits and some people may prefer one over the other. An elliptical offers a more natural running motion, while a stepper is more strenuous on your lower body due to having no resistance.

You would burn more calories on a stepper because it engages your entire body, including your upper body. But if you have weak knees or are recovering from an injury, an elliptical may be the best option for you.

Are mini steppers worth it?


A mini stepper is great for small spaces or if you don’t want to buy a full elliptical machine. It’s also good for toning up your legs and strengthening your core, but doesn’t work out your upper body as much as other types of exercise equipment.

For total body workouts, it would be best to pair a stepper with another machine like a treadmill or an elliptical.

Will elliptical slim my thighs?


It can because it will help you tone up all the major muscle groups in your legs. But a stepper would be better at toning up your thighs specifically because of the impact on them with each step.

Can you burn fat on an elliptical?


You can use an elliptical to lose weight, and if you add other cardio exercises to your routine, such as running or biking, you will burn more calories. You will also tone up all the major muscle groups in your legs and core while reducing body fat.

Can you stand on an under desk elliptical?


You can on most mini ellipticals. It’s perfect for people who want the benefits of an elliptical but don’t have much room for exercise equipment in their home. However, you won’t burn as many calories or tone up as much with a mini elliptical because there is no impact on your legs and core. But if you are looking for a space saving elliptical so feel free to pick an under desk elliptical.

Is elliptical good for seniors?


For mild exercise, yes. You can pair it with another cardio machine or a stepper to get a more intense workout and lose weight faster. In addition, as long as you start slowly and don’t overexert yourself, an elliptical is good for people recovering from injuries.

What muscles does a compact elliptical work?


The major muscle groups that will be worked out with a compact elliptical are your hips, thighs, quads, hamstrings, calves and glutes. In addition to cardiovascular exercises like jogging or running which also help you get a full body workout.

What is better under desk bike or elliptical?


For an under desk bike versus an under-desk elliptical, it depends on what you’re looking for in your workout. An elliptical offers a more natural running motion but doesn’t work out the upper body as much. A bicycle is good for toning up your legs and core while also working out your upper body by engaging your arms.

Final thoughts about best compact elliptical for small spaces

So, as you can see from the list above, there are a lot of great options to choose from when it comes to compact elliptical machines for small spaces. These products are the best compact elliptical for small spaces that being sold on the market.

You just need to think about what your needs and wants are before making a decision on which “elliptical for small spaces” is best for you.

If any of these models sound like they would work well with your living situation or home gym setup, then go ahead and take the time right now to check them out!

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or concerns along the way—we’d be more than happy to help in whatever way we possibly can. Take care!

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