Top 11 Best Elliptical Under $500 For 2022 (Recommended By Athletes)


Best Elliptical Under $500 Review For 2022

Technology has changed the way we live our lives. The old school workout of running on a treadmill or lifting weights at the gym is now obsolete. For those who want to tone their body and lose weight, but don’t have time for gyms, an elliptical might be just what they’re looking for!

It is a difficult task to find the perfect elliptical for your home. There are so many features and specifications to compare in order to find the best one. At MikesGym, we have done all of the hard work for you by curating an extensive list of top 11 best elliptical under $500 that will help you decide on which elliptical is right for you. 

This post will reveal 11 great options for best elliptical under $500 that are sure to please your under $500 budget or fitness level. We’ve compiled a list of what we think are the best ellipticals out there — all under $500!

You can choose from a variety of different types, including recumbent or upright models with console or without console. Whatever your needs may be, this list has it covered!

You’ll also find some helpful buying tips that will help you decide which elliptical machine is best for you. Let’s get started!

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Top 11 Best Elliptical Under $500 With Detail Reviews & Editor’s Rating

At a time when most people are looking for ways to save money, it can be difficult to find the best elliptical that doesn’t break the bank. Fear not! We’ve compiled a list of our top 11 picks, all under $500.

We rated each one on their motor power and console features, as well as how comfortable they are during different workouts. So whether you’re just starting out or want something with more advanced functions (such as incline), we’ve got you covered! 

#1 – BEST OVERALL – Fitness Reality E5500XL Magnetic Elliptical


This is the #1 in top list of our best elliptical under $500, The Fitness Reality E5500XL Magnetic Elliptical Trainer offers 24 levels of smooth Magnetic Tension resistance and an 18 inch stride, giving you a comfortable and full range workout.

No strain on the joints, with its backlit LCD Computer display, users can keep track of speed, distance, time, RPM (revolutions per minute), calories burned and heart rate using pulse grips on either side of the machine.

The Double Transmission System also allows increased momentum for a smoother striding motion so there’s no need to worry about system wear and tear like straps or chains that can break.

There are 24 levels of smooth magnetic resistance that offer every user a perfect workout experience thanks to their easy-to-change dial system with 12 preprogrammed workouts or 6 goal workouts that allow them to customize their own fitness plan according to their needs.

With an 18 inch stride length and double transmission system there is no hard knee or ankle bending – just ease while getting a full body cardio workout!

This magnetic elliptical trainer offers excellent quality and great features at a fraction of the cost compared to other brands; we know you’ll be happy with this purchase!

Key features & benefits

  • The magnetic tension resistance allows for up to 24 levels of intensity, and 21 pre-set workout programs
  • This elliptical has a longer stride than other models and can comfortably accommodate individuals with larger weight capacities. The 18″ Stride Length elliptical machine has a 270 lb weight capacity and an 18 inch stride length.
  • Dual Action Handlebars with Hand Pulse Sensors allow you to monitor your heart rate
  • The backlit LCD screen displays various information such as distance, the time it took to run, RPMs of your pedaling.
  • The Double Transmission system reduces the force required to move, and results in a more natural stride.


  • The package arrived a day early and was packed very well for shipping.
  • This is a nice, affordable elliptical machine for people who are smaller than the average person.
  • Assembly will take 1-1/2 to 2 hours if you are experienced, or twice as long if not. But overall is easy to put parts together.
  • A sturdy elliptical with a long stride and basic electronic functionality.
  • Runs smoothly
  • Sure to last for many years.
  • The elliptical trainer was not very big, but it did have features that other trainers do not.


  • The elliptical machine is heavy and the box will be difficult to handle. Should have a second person to help.
  • The majority of bad reviews for this machine are due to not reading instructions, using the tools provided incorrectly, and assembling too quickly.

#2 – Best Option for Home Use – Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Elliptical


The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Elliptical Machine Cross Trainer is a multi-function piece of equipment that will provide the user with an intense workout. It has 8 levels of magnetic resistance to match your fitness level, allow you to adjust intensity, a pulse monitor for constant feedback about progress, and setup that’s partially preassembled.

The digital monitor can track time, speed, distance, calories burned and pulse rate so you are able to follow along with the progress made during your session. Assembling this elliptical cross trainer was easy because it comes partially preassembled saving you from any hassle or frustration caused by overly complicated setups!

This elliptical machine also features a stabilizer which helps give even movement for maximum comfortability throughout your whole body as well as helping prevent injuries.

The durable gray steel frame has enough space for larger individuals without feeling too cramped. 28″ x 17″ x 57″, this fitness equipment is sturdy enough to handle hefty use while it reliably monitors time, speed distance calories burned in the digital display alongside the included manual.

When working out becomes routine–increase your motivation by upgrading from traditional weight lifting and cardio workouts to a fun and exciting elliptical workout. Improve your balance, flexibility and endurance while sculpting a lean toned looking physique!

The Sunny SF-E905 is your go-to if you want to get in an intense workout every day, but don’t have much space to work with. Their STABILIZER ensures that the machine stays even and smooth while you optimize your workout routine. This compact trainer guarantees you cut perfect technique along with supurb stability so stay injury free during each session.

So there is no doubt what the Sunny SF-E905 came out in the second place of best elliptical under $500 list.

Special features & benefits

  • The DIGITAL MONITOR tracks time, speed, distance, calorie and pulse.
  • This machine allows for 8 levels of magnetic resistance, meaning that the user can increase or decrease the intensity of their workout.
  • The Pulse Sensors monitor and maintain your target heart rate
  • Full motion arm exercisers work harder than other exercise machines, because the handles move back and forth.
  • The handlebars provide safety for your hands and wrists.
  • Oversized non-slip foot pedals will provide grip and stability during intense workouts


  • Both a stepper and an elliptical.
  • Ability to track mileage and can be assembled easily.
  • Perfect for people who need a space-saving option.
  • Small, lightweight machine designed for small people.
  • Smooth, quiet stride.


  • A person of a taller height may not be able to use the machine because it is compact.
  • The device has a few issues for heavier weights, but it feels stable and is easy to use.

#3 – Best Customer-Rated – FUNMILY Elliptical Machines


This FUNMILY machine is the combination of both modern and elegant design. It comes with multiple levels of resistance to meet your family’s different training requirements, as well as a digital display that keeps track of speed, time elapsed, distance traveled, calories burned and heart rate.

There are pulse pads on the handles that allow you to monitor your heart rate from those points as well! With this product in your household fitness routine will truly be enjoyable.

Another nice touch about these machines is their size – they’re designed so they can fit in any space! Whether you have a room specifically designated for a workout area or a corner turned into an office without any spare inches our ellipticals won’t take up much space at all! This is perfect for anyone with their own space challenges. And this is also the main reason why we put FUNMILY in top 3 of the list best elliptical under $500 to buy for 2022.

The FUNMILY Home Elliptical Machine is a durable and comfortable one that can be used for physical fitness at home. The “13 inch reverse-motion and non-slip pedal” provides an easy and no impact workout, and the large pedals with ridges prevent foot slippage. Assembling instructions are included in our detailed manual, as well as professional customer service to answer any questions you may have.

Lastly, FUNMILY cross-trainers offer a low impact cardio exercise that is kind to your joints. At the same time, strengthens your main muscle groups as best as possible and works out the abdominal, leg, and bottom areas for a better toned body.

To make it even easier on you, there’s a 350 lbs weight capacity frame that slips not from heavy-duty steel material – no injury or discomfort now!

Key features & benefits

  • A heart rate sensor with a pulse tester function
  • The tension knob adjusts resistance for a variety of workouts.
  • It has an advanced digital monitor that informs you of your time, speed, and distance.
  • Track your progress using a digital monitor and see how fast you are going
  • With Large Cushioned Footplates, you can adjust the magnetic tension resistance in 8 levels.
  • The wheels on the front of this bike allows for easy movement and storage.


  • a good fit for any room space
  • it assembles easily.
  • well made, and can be moved around with ease.
  • This elliptical machine is great for working out your entire body if you are looking for a less expensive alternative to the more traditional exercise bikes.
  • A heavy, sturdy, and easy to assemble exercise machine
  • This machine is sturdy, runs quietly and can hold a tablet while you work out.


  • This model is not popular right now so many people will hesitate when making decision to purchase it.

#4 – Best Budget Option – Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E902 Air Walk Trainer


If you’re looking for an indoor exercise machine that offers a total body workout while leaving space for other items in the area, then the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E902 Air Walk Trainer Elliptical Machine Glider might be perfect.

This model utilizes revolutionary elliptical technology, providing an aerobic workout that gives you all the benefits of aerobic exercise without jarring impacts or damaging movements to your body.

With an LCD monitor and features like aerobic training this all around cardiovascular workout is sure to get your heart rate up while saving you time with it’s space saving design. It can also be folded away when not in use so there’s no need to worry about stepping over it every day.

Key features

– Get a total body workout every time you workout!

– Space saving, folds to half the size. 

– Increase your aerobic endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

– Reduce the risk of injury.

– Get a full body workout with just 20 minutes of exercise

– You’ll get all the benefits of stretching, walking, running, cross-country skiing and aerobic dancing without jarring impacts or damaging movements to your body. 

– Extreme space saving.


  • This is an amazing machine for the price
  • Great for taller people
  • This is a high-quality elliptical that has been stripped down to the bare necessities.


  • recommends removing the abdominal support and adding bungee cords for increased resistance
  • The vertical support pad is not adjustable forward and back, it needs to be adjusted up and down.

#5 – Exerpeutic Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical – Best Functional


The Exerpeutic Elliptical is a high quality machine with magnetic resistance and Bluetooth app tracking. Don’t let it’s budget-friendly price fool you – this elliptical provides everything you need for your most demanding workouts at home and it deserves to be on the list of best elliptical under $500.

The eight levels of magnetic tension give users more control over the challenge they want to put themselves up against, and the 3.4″ LCD display lets them regulate their speed, calories burned, and distance traveled without breaking a sweat or tearing any hair out over skipping steps

You can expect an easy to read 3.4 inches large window LCD display that indicates distance, calories burned, time, speed and pulse for user convenience while working out. 8 Level magnetic tension resistance adjustments will provide you with a more challenging workout experience than ever before making this product ideal if you are trying to get in shape or stay in shape during these cold winter seasons!

The built-in wheels make it easy for users of all heights to move the machine around the room easily so they can conveniently work on their fitness routine close enough to any wall outlet without worrying about using an inconveniencingt multiple extension cords. The machine can support up to a maximum weight of 300 lbs. and is ideal for users with all different body types and amounts of experience working out!

One thing we really love about the 4318 model is its size – perfect for tight spaces! If you’re looking to start losing weight but don’t have room in your house to store an oversized fitness machine?

Look no further than our expertly designed vertical elliptical. With this smart design, your machine can be stacked away when you’re not using it, gaining back free space in the corner of any room!

Key features

  • This device’s Bluetooth connectivity will allow you to sync your phone with the machine so that you can track your workouts.
  • This elliptical machine is capable of withstanding up to 300 lbs, and it moves around the user’s natural movements.
  • 8 levels of magnetic tension can be adjusted on this machine to create more intense workouts.
  • The precision balanced flywheel and V- belt drive provide a smooth and quiet operation


  • Fits in small living room
  • Putting the Exerpeutic 100XL together was easy and it’s not too noisy
  • It is working very well, and has only had one glitch after 2 years of usage.
  • Can hold up to 300 pounds and is so sturdy
  • If you have any kind of knee issues, this one is the best choice.
  • Compact, lightweight, and inexpensive.


  • The stride is small for taller people
  • The elliptical is not as good as the expensive ones at the gym and it doesn’t even have a plug.

#6 – Body Champ 3-in-1 Home Gym Elliptical Machine, Trio Trainer – Best Multi-Function Cardio Machine


Train your upper body while you stretch out on our recumbent bike. With a patented three-in-one design, this trainer can function as an elliptical machine, upright stationary bike, and recumbent bike. Do even more multitasking with the 2 additional upper-body stance options—choose from pro cycle, dual action or wraparound handlebars for maximized workout time!

In addition to its patented 3-in-1 design, this home trainer features 2 additional upper-body stance options. It comes with 3 different sets of integrated handlebars to choose from: pro cycle, dual action, and wraparound. 

It also comes with foot pedals to attach to the grips of grips for wrists and hands if a challenge during a workout is just what you’re looking for. Finally get all the cardio training you love in one sleek home gym set up that takes up less space than two traditional machines!

The Body Champ Trio Trainer is the perfect way to get in shape at home. You can easily switch from one workout routine to another without adjustments and all three pieces of fitness equipment will help you work every body part for a total body workout.

Magnetic resistance provides fluid motion so it’s even great if you need to use your equipment during the early-morning hours or late night. Now you know why The Body Champ is placed on here, in the top 11 best elliptical under $500 on this article, this one is my go to if I need to buy one.

Check and re-tighten nuts and bolts monthly so it stays operating smoothly, but beware: because the magnetically encased flywheel system produces such quiet movement, your partner might not be too keen on your new “morning ritual.”

Key features

  • Hassle free Transitions without unmounting or adjusting hardware
  • Three Sets of Integrated Handlebars to choose from
  • Programmable Exercise Console Features 21 Training Programs with Media Shelf
  • Integrated Hand Pulse / Heart Rate Monitor with Magnetic Adjustable Resistance and Motor


  • It’s very sturdy, not wobbly at all.
  • Great machine with a variety of options for workout, at a really good price.
  • It took a little while to assemble the product but it is worth the time.
  • Assembly instructions were overwhelming, but assembling the Trio Trainer was easy after sorting parts and following instructions.
  • This machine offers a variety of workouts.
  • This is an excellent and affordable piece of home exercise equipment.


  • The only downfall is that the unit wobbles a little.
  • It is a great workout machine for the price, but it was difficult to assemble and doesn’t feel stable on some surfaces.
  • Be careful when assembling the handlebars because they cracked easily.

#7 – Body Power 3-in-1 Exercise Machine – Best choice for exercise bike elliptical combo


The Body Power Trio Trainer is the ultimate workout machine to get all of your cardio workout regimen in 1 compact space, your all in one solution to a space saving, cardio exercise fanatic. With the ability to easily transition between elliptical and upright workout positions, this machine allows you to target different muscle groups for even more radical weight loss results.

Their easy adjustments also allow you to accommodate your fitness level by changing the speed of your flywheel system; raising or lowering it with ease for an interval style or steady pace workout!

Easy to assemble, this 3-in-1 trainer has a fully movable design for hassle free transitions paired with fluidity flywheel technology that allows it to run quietly. Another great feature are the options you have not only on handlebars but also monitor heart rate while working out.

Perfect for any home gym setup, this multifunctional trainer provides so many different exercises and gives them while perfecting the user’s fitness goals. With its intuitive features and flawless exercise possibilities, this could be just what your looking for!

Whether at home or in a studio setting, everyone can find their perfect fit when our product fits all needs.

Key features

– Get a killer workout without the pain.

– Save space by not having to buy three different machines.

– Stay in shape with less effort. 

– Keep up with the latest fitness trends

– Get back on track after an injury

– Keep your joints pain free.


  • The machine is easy to put together, it’s sleek and most functional in list of best elliptical under $500.
  • Rock solid machine 
  • Stride is a little awkward to run on, but it works well.
  • Great space solution
  • The customer service for this product was great, and they fixed the problem quickly.


  • There was an issue with the machine because it had a plastic base that would hit against the wheel, making a thumping noise.

#8 – Best ease of usage – Body Rider Elliptical Trainer


Be lean, sculpted, and strong! With the Body Rider Elliptical Trainer and Exercise Bike with Seat you don’t have to feel bad about not getting your workouts done. The elliptical trainer allows for two-in-one cardio benefits that are right at home with any schedule.

Cycle through your workout without resets or remotes – just change positions between sitting or standing. Stay comfortable on this desk converting machine by adjusting it’s built in seat to custom fit with seven height settings, fully cushioned with a cushioning system to protect your bum from sweat resist wear & tear.

Switch up color schemes as easily as shifting gears without ever having to worry about burning out on the same gym routine because of one handy 2-IN-1 TRAINER!

Key features

– Soft, padded seat provides extra comfort while working out.

– Seat easily adjusts to 7 different heights for maximum flexibility.

– Handlebars are ergonomically designed with heart rate sensors for accurate readings.

– Durable construction stands up to even the most dedicated workout routines.


Quality product

Great customer service

It is easy and comfortable on the joints

Very quiet when in use  to keep everyone happy in an apartment building setting for example.


This machine does not fold so it isn’t good if you have limited space in your house or apartment.

#9 – Professional choice – Doufit Elliptical Machine for Home Use


A high-quality and stable elliptical machine for indoor use! Doufit elliptical machine is a perfect choice for everyone to have a healthy body, especially in home. It promotes an active lifestyle while reducing calorie consumption with regular exercise.

The LCD monitor is built into the console and tracks your time, calories burned, heart rate and strides per minute based on how you work out. Furthermore, pulse sensors can detect when you are stressed or tired so that the unit will suggest you to take a break before it can proceed with more rigorous training.

In addition, there are four different levels of resistance which provide comfortable workouts when needed.

What’s more to be on the list of best elliptical under $500? The adjustable design fits adults from 5’4″ tall up to 6’2″. To make assembly even easier, the equipment comes pre-assembled.

Key features

LCD display shows data including time, distance traveled, calories burned and strides per minute.

Pulse sensors detect conditions like stress or fatigue.

Heart rate sensors help to monitor target heart rate zones during workouts.

Adjustable design fits adults from 5’4″ up to 6’2″.


  • Compact & sturdy
  • Great quality for good price
  • Can be easily moved
  • many different settings for workouts
  • small, quiet, and has a great display.


Not stable enough for taller people or over 200 lbs

Be consider to use the grease and really tighten bolts.

#10 – ANCHEER APP Elliptical Machine, 2021 Newest – MOST PROMISING ROOKIE


We know you deserve the best equipment, not just because of your workouts but also because of your budget. That’s why we’re proud to offer the ANCHEER APP cross trainer for a truly price-conscious machine that will give you one hundred percent of what you need!

You’ll appreciate our heavy duty frame with its powder coated anti workout surface that provides an extra layer of protection for performance and durability.

The elliptical machine console has all the techno features for convenience in tracking data-our smart keypad interfaces allow users to track their progress, navigate through different menus, set goals, track calories burned and more online or offline which means there are no distractions while working out!

With adjustable 10 level magnetic resistance, this Elliptical Machine ensures that users of any fitness level can use the machine and be able to get a good workout. It’s easy to assemble and comes with one year warranty.

This model is the newest, top of the line, multifunction elliptical machine. This piece of equipment is where it’s at with its custom 10-level magnetic resistance system that ensures riders are getting a quality workout.

The cross trainers also have an easy to use console that provides instant feedback with its seven modes and tracks all the stats you need during your workouts. Track time, speed, distance burned in addition to calories burned or pulse rate on these reasonable machines which come equipped with heart rate sensors for additional convenience.

This is the newest cross trainer with a clear goal to engage all muscle groups from head to toe, offering extended stride length and easy mobility as well as great convenience. The up-to-date design includes portable front wheel and adjustable rear support, plus non slip feet pedals with built in hand grip holders on either side of the handlebars allow you a stable footing at all times.

Weighing 78lbs, it has heavy duty construction features integrated storage space so you have everything neatly together without having to worry about clutter or organizing your space after use! 

Best features & benefits

  • The Qiber app lets you compete with others in real-time or multiplayer fashion.
  • The anti-slip foot pedals are wrapped by textured plastic and are extra-large, making them safer for you to exercise on.
  • The cross trainer has 10 levels of magnetic resistance for the quietest and smoothest operation possible.
  • The Heavy Duty Flywheel Elliptical Machine has a quiet drive system that delivers natural, smooth feeling strides
  • Portable Wheels can help you move your bike with ease and without lifting.
  • A digital monitor is used to help you track all your progress while exercising.


  • This machine is sturdy, quiet, and moves without problem.
  • Ease of use, lightweight, and the handles.
  • Fast shipping and great customer service.
  • The protective film is very good


The only downside of this product is that the handle grips are short and the running board is a little narrow.

#11 – HIROLLOP Elliptical Machine with App


The HIROLLOP elliptical machine is not just a game changer in the fitness industry, but it’s also an innovator. With 10 levels of resistance and up to 390lbs weight capacity, this cross-trainer will push you to new heights without triggering overuse injuries (no sore knees or back!). Keep reading to know why it’s also in list of best elliptical under $500 for you to buy.

The LCD monitor displays time, speed, distance burned as well as heart rate readings to keep your workouts efficient. Advanced features like wireless Bluetooth speakers for phone calls and music streaming make staying on track with your cardio routine easy!

This piece of equipment can support all body shapes–even plus size bodies (up to 280lbs), making it ideal for any member of your family who wants exercise that encourages full-body rejuvenation.

HIROLLOP allows you to choose from 8 levels of magnetic resistance for a diverse challenge. With a max weight capacity 390 lbs, this elliptical machine is durable and user-friendly for even the most seasoned athletes. Plus, it’s been designed with comfortable ergonomics in mind.

Make use of its larger LCD display while declining tablet computer holder to keep your device safely at eye level. The many features of HIROLLOP Elliptical Machine makes it an ideal answer to your fitness needs!

Making the most of every workout has never been easier or more convenient. Keep your workouts on track with HIROLLOP, the first smart best elliptical under $500 with an interactive app to guide you through your routine, motivate you to meet goals, and share friendly competitions among groups of friends.

Use our floor mat for added stability when reading elevation data from 400Hz sensors installed in each pedal to keep you motivated and encouraged during interval training routines. Stay healthy, stay active and never miss a workout again! 

Best features

  • The 16-pound upgrade model has a larger flywheel that’s more comfortable use and can reduce fat better than an ordinary elliptical machine.
  • This machine provides joint cushioning and protection for the knees.
  • Maximum load of 390lbs and is durable.
  • The 8-level magnetic resistance is a more intense workout as it simulates being on different levels of hills.
  • The Super Flywheel provides a great exercise experience, with each gear being evenly stressed to provide an efficient workout.


  • The item arrived earlier than expected and is excellent value for money.
  • This elliptical is a good way to increase your activity and flexibility.

Buying guide – 8 Tips for you to choose the best elliptical under $500

We’re going to walkthrough the top tips on how to find the best elliptical under $500. I’ll give you all the information you need when shopping for an elliptical is by determining what features are most important to you, and then narrowing down your options based on those requirements.

I hope that this guide will make your decision easier by providing information about important factors such as: price, warranty, features, and more!

1. Consider location of the flywheel

Shopping for a home elliptical can be overwhelming. There are two main styles, but it’s important to consider the flywheel location and size before making your purchase!

Front-drive ellipticals are a type of stationary bike that usually has the flywheel in front. They simulate an incline and provide resistance, which is ideal for strength training at home or on any budget fitness plan .


Front Drive Elliptical trainers tend to be smaller than other types because they need less space around them; however no matter what size you choose there will always be noise due to this style’s propulsion system (which could cause problems with those who live in apartments).

Rear-drive ellipticals are generally bulkier and tend to be a lot quieter than their front-driven counterparts.

They also have the flywheel in back, which makes them more pricey for home gyms with limited space or users who want something that won’t take up too much room on an already cramped living area floorplan – though it is worth noting these bikes can still provide great workout benefits without being disruptive like some other types could be!

With the desire of buying the most quality best elliptical under $500, location of flywheel is the one you should pay attention to.

2.Know what you want before you buy

This is extremely important. Before you start shopping for an elliptical under $500, you should know what features matter to you and which ones don’t. If $1000 is your limit, then skip over the types of ellipticals that cost more than $500 and find a model within your price range instead.

3. Be specific about features

You’ll notice that there’s a large difference between prices because costs depend on the built-in features offered by the machine.

Often times, companies will charge extra for added perks such as upgraded consoles or additional workout programs because they want to make money off of people who want additional services like these. 

In the way to research which is the best elliptical under $500 that you should buy, please don’t be too greedy to run after unnecessary features because it can pickpocket you more.

Rather than getting caught up in all of those bells and whistles, be sure to prioritize convenience and comfort and don’t waste any money on extra features that you won’t use.

4. Make sure the elliptical has a warranty of at least one year

The warranty is very important because it protects your machine for up to one year (typically) if something were to happen.

Every best elliptical under $500 will go with at least 1 year of warranty so you need to check this factor carefully.

For example, you may find ellipticals that are sold at unbelievable prices, but the company only backs their product with a 90-day warranty which puts you in danger of having to purchase another expensive machine in just three months!

5. Be aware of the weight capacity

Every elliptical is designed with a maximum user weight limit. If you’re planning on sharing this machine between several users, be sure to check how much weight each person can handle before purchasing.

6. Don’t go cheap on the console

The console is where all of the buttons are located and it’s pretty much an advertisement for what your machine can do. I’d recommend avoiding cheap models because the consoles are usually small, lack features, and in some cases barely even work after a few months of usage.

7. Check the warranty on all parts

The warranty not only protects you from electronic malfunctions but it also covers any part that’s essential to the machine’s function, whether it be an engine or a pedal.

Make sure that each part is covered by a warranty so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with having to pay for expensive repairs if anything were to happen.

8. Find out how much noise this elliptical makes during use

While there are many pros to owning a best elliptical under $500, one downside is that most machines at this price range tend to be a bit louder than those that cost more.

If you live in an apartment, it might sound a little ridiculous to have a loud machine going off on the other side of your bedroom wall so I recommend finding something with a quieter motor or perhaps one that’s smaller.

Must-have features to get the best elliptical under $500

elliptical buying guide

Stride length. A stride length of 20-22″ is standard and will give you the most comfort and versatility when it comes to choosing your workout with best elliptical under $500.

Console Performance tracking with features like: Scan, Distance, Calories, Programs. Basic necessities that show you what you need to know without being too complicated or confusing for beginners. This is the most important feature we think you should get with any best elliptical under $500.

Heart rate monitoring. This is a great way to stay in shape and lose weight because programs can be adjusted based on how much you’re exerting yourself either by walking at a moderate pace throughout the day or running up steep inclines during intervals throughout your workout time!

Grip pulse monitor (optional). Some ellipticals come pre-equipped with built-in monitors that measure your heart rate through sensors located in the hand pedals so all you have to do is grab onto them and the machine will let you know if you’re in your target heart rate zone or not.

Adjustable incline (optional). Admittedly, an adjustable incline isn’t very common at this price point but it’s definitely a great feature to have because it lets you change the intensity of your workout program by adding challenging hills during certain stages. I’ve even seen some really cheap ellipticals with this feature so it might be worth asking about when doing your research!

FAQs related to best elliptical under $500

Are cheap ellipticals worth it?


Ellipticals can get pretty pricey, but there are cheaper ellipticals available on the market. One thing to consider is that you get what you pay for. While some of these ellipticals may not have all of the bells and whistles, they will still get the job done and provide a great cardiovascular workout.

Can you lose belly fat by using an elliptical?


Yes, ellipticals can help you to lose belly fat and burn calories in general. Certain elliptical machines may allow you to target specific areas like your abs or arms. Doing different workouts with varying speeds and resistance will spark a calorie-burning furnace!

Which elliptical has the longest stride length?


The stride length is the gap between your feet as you move along the elliptical’s pedals. Generally, the longer the gap, the further apart your feet are and thus a bigger stride.

How do you measure your stride for an elliptical?


Unfortunately, the only way you can measure your stride is to physically stand on an elliptical machine and take note of the gap between your feet. Try standing with one foot in front of the other, bending your back leg slightly so that you can feel it working.

Then try both legs side by side until you find a stride length that feels comfortable. You want to find a stride length that doesn’t cause your knees to bend excessively as this can put unnecessary pressure on them. 

But don’t worry, every best elliptical under $500 in our list will have a specific guide for you to measure your stride to have a nice workout with them.

What is better for losing weight – ellipticals or treadmills?


This really depends on what type of workout you are looking for. Ellipticals tend to burn more fat than treadmills do because they require less impact on your joints. However, treadmills are better for intense workouts while ellipticals are better at low-impact workouts.

What is a good RPM on an elliptical?


The number of RPM (revolutions per minute) you do on an elliptical machine depends on your goals and what level of intensity you feel comfortable with. For beginners, 30-45 RPM is a good place to start. Intermediate users can aim for 50-65 RPM, while 75+ RPM would be reserved for athletes or those that are very fit. The higher the RPMs, the more intense and challenging your workout will be.

Are ellipticals bad for knees?


Elliptical machines are not bad for the knees. However, if you have had any knee injuries or problems in the past then it is advised that you consult with your doctor before use. It’s also important to maintain good form when working out on an elliptical machine so that you don’t put stress on your joints.

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What type of resistance does an elliptical have?


The most common types of resistance offered by an elliptical are magnetic or hydraulic resistance. Ellipticals with magnetic resistance offer a smooth feel with varying levels of tension while ellipticals with hydraulic resistance tend to be less expensive with varying levels of tension as well.

Which burns more elliptical or treadmill?


In general, treadmills burn more calories than ellipticals. This is because of the helpful incline feature found on most treadmills as opposed to the less intense level offered by an elliptical. In addition, bodily impact is lower when using a treadmill as compared to an elliptical.

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How long does it take to burn 500 calories on an elliptical?


It takes approximately 30 minutes to burn 500 calories on an elliptical. This will vary depending on the resistance level you choose, your weight and your speed throughout your workout. It is recommended that you aim for a high intensity workout in order to maximize calorie burning during this time frame.

Final Verdict on Best Elliptical Under $500

In summary, our top pick for best elliptical under $500 is the Fitness Reality E5500XL Magnetic Elliptical because it offers a lot of features for its price, including an LCD computer monitor with 18 programs and 15 resistance levels.

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We hope that this article has given you everything you need to know about the best elliptical under $500. We have compiled this guide on buying an affordable but high-quality machine that will help you get results without breaking the bank.

If not, or if there is something else we can help with in your search for an exercise machine, just let us know! Our team of experts are ready and waiting to partner with you on any of your health & fitness goals. As always, thanks for reading – stay healthy out there!

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